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Occurred : 11/4/2010 20:45 (Entered as : 11/04/10 20:45)
Reported: 11/4/2010 7:19:35 PM 19:19
Posted: 11/21/2010
Location: Terlingua, TX
Shape: Fireball
Duration:1 minute
Slow moving fire ball over Big Bend National Park observed for 1 minute

My house is situated on a hill overlooking the Chisos mountain range in Big Bend National Park (looking East). I was headed out this evening with my binoculars to look into the park. I noticed what first appeared to be a campfire or a large bonfire at the highest peak of the Chisos. When I looked through my binoculars, I saw stars around it and realized it was in the sky.

I called my husband from the house and he looked at it through the binoculars for several seconds as I atched the object slowly move across the sky in a west-southwesterly direction. It appeared to be coming toward us but also appeared to be getting smaller as well. I watched it through the binoculars some more but could not make out any more details.

We then watched the "flame" go off and come back. Then once again, off and back. And once more off. No other light was associated with it once the flame was gone.

I thought for sure it was the space shuttle, it was moving the right speed and the flame was consistent with the rocket boosters burning fuel to leave the atmosphere. But the shuttle launch has been delayed until tomorrow.