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Sighting Report
Occurred : 11/4/2010 19:55 (Entered as : 11/04/10 19:55)
Reported: 11/5/2010 9:48:37 AM 09:48
Posted: 11/21/2010
Location: Williamsport, MD
Shape: Diamond
Close encounter with a hovering craft.

Approximately 7:55 pm I was driving on Natural Well Road in Williamsport, Md. A a semi-rural part of Washington County. I noticed two bright white lights a few hundred feet in the air over a cornfield. At first I thought the lights were headlights on a low flying airplane. They were spaced 50 feet or so apart. I also noticed a smaller red blinking light in between the two white lights that appeared to blink in different places, moving left and right. After watching it for a minute it never appeared to move. I then thought maybe it was lights on a tower but I drive by this field often and I never noticed a tower or lights. I drove by it very slow. It was approximately 300 yards from me. The road wraps around the field so I saw the lights from several angles. They never moved with the exception of the blinking red light. I got to the end of the road and the light weren't visible any more from where I was at. I decided to circle around and have another look. It! took me 5 or 6 minutes to get back around to where I saw the lights and I couldn't find them. After a minute of searching I saw them further away and faint in the distance. Probably 1000 yards or more away. I called my girlfriend and told her that I was chasing lights. I came to the end of Natural Well Road and I turned left onto Falling Waters Road. I drove for 20 seconds or so when I saw two bright lights just above the trees. shining through the tree limbs like headlights in the sky just in front of me. I was still on the phone explaining to my girlfriend what I was seeing. I was driving slow as the road curved around a country church to my left. I noticed two men standing outside of the church but they seemed to be oblivious to the lights above. Just above and behind the church I could see the two white light. I followed the road around. Behind the church was a line of trees that opened up into a small field- actually a large yard to a house nearby. Just beside the lin! e of trees is where I had a close encounter with something. To! the lef t of my car approximately 30 feet and at the top of the trees approximately 40 feet in the air I saw what appeared to be something hovering. Attached were 4 lights. One on each point of the object. There was also a red blinking light somewhere on the object. The object made no sound but it was floating and it actually tilted forward toward me allowing me to see it's diamond shape. It was dark so it was difficult to tell if there were four points or three, it may have been triangle shape but it had four white lights and a red blinking light. At one point I thought I saw a small purple light and a green light. The object seemed to tilt forward and then all the way on it's side. It moved like a feather floating on the wind. I was still on the phone with my girlfriend. When I realized what I was actually seeing I told her "Oh my God. It's a has four's a UFO babe!" I told her that I was certain that I was witnessing a space craft. At that point I lost cel! l phone service with her.I was terrified! I continued to drive away very slowly while trying to redial her number. I got a busy signal so I tried again. I got her voicemail, then I tried again. Finally I reconnected the whole time I was too frightened to look out the window to see where the craft was. I drove for a minute or two longer and the road came to a dead end. I turned the car around fearing that I had to drive back from where I spotted the object. Slowly I drove back scanning the sky for lights. I drove right to where I had the encounter and there was nothing there. The lights were gone. I was shaking and still scared but I looked around for a few second and could find nothing of what I just saw.