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Occurred : 11/23/2009 01:00 (Entered as : 11/23/09 1:00)
Reported: 11/5/2010 9:27:06 PM 21:27
Posted: 11/21/2010
Location: Champaign, IL
Shape: Oval
Duration:30 minutes
Well, it has taken me a while to actually talk about this. I didn't tell anyone at school about this because... why would I risk the humiliation. I really hope someone can get back to me about this. I would just really like to know if anyone else has experienced anything like this. Something tells me it is a genetic disorder, because my father and his father have both been plagued by similar experiences; only mine have seen such physical objects. I'm not crazy and I know I'm not. I graduated with a 3.27 with a double major in finance and accounting. I possess a analytical mind and consider my logic to surpass most. I hope you read this in its entirety, because I promise it goes beyond my dreams.

Since 15 years of age I started experiencing sleep paralysis. Most of the time it was nothing more than having a false sense of the waking world and an immediate threat of being immobilized. For a while I didn't know if it was just a part of my dreams. This continued for 7 years or so. It happened on and off. I never tried finding a reason for it as my dad said it had been a family issue passed down amongst the men. I had asked him what his dreams were like in leading to paralysis. He, like myself, had never had one particular dream that led to paralysis, but rather a multitude of situations.

My first clear dream that led to paralysis was of quite setting in my old neighborhood that I had recently moved out of. I was wrestling with my friends, the WWF way (fake wrestling), and we had just started a royal rumble. My close friends had immediately turned to adults with the same aging personalities. I didn't think twice about this in my dream. The match went underway and we all began to fight. I began to notice my opponents viciousness. They were all fighting with the vigor of lions and I was stuck throwing slow punches. Then somehow, I have no idea how, I realized I was dreaming. I immediately woke up and was immediately bound by my own body. It scared the shit out of me. Some time passed and I regained movement as well as a clear mind. See, during this whole moment of paralysis I was half awake... I was stuck in a constant stage of limbo (best way I can describe it). After I had awaken I walked around. I check my limbs and tightened them as hard as I could; I just ! wanted to recognize my strength. I then walked to the window and not even in the skyline I saw one "silverish" oval, maybe 5 inches wide as tall in the horizon. It moved slowly and then got bigger and then slowly faded away. This was my first clear memory of the night.

Fast forward 7 years.

I have had many odd dreams, much like this. All a different situation and different outcome. I don't always see the silver oval, but it still remains the only clear object in such situations. I have asked my father about this and he tells me that he had not experienced any silver oval, but his father had experienced UFO sightings... thought not directly tied to his paralysis.

My most recent and horrifying dream came to me about 8 months ago. It was the most frightening dream I have ever had. I was frantically searching through a medicine cabinet, looking for something. I was panicked and completely lost and then suddenly, like any other dream realization, I noticed something wrong, in the writing of the scripts. I immediately knew I was dreaming and at that moment everything went white. I thought I had finally begun to lucid dream, something I had wished for ever since I started sleep paralysis. Then I heard a voice. A voice that no sound on earth could possibly imitate, this was no Britney spears shit, this was something omnipotent. Something that transcended the mind and lingered throughout consciousness. It spoke no definable words, but I knew what it said, "what are you doing alex?" It said this with such care and malaise that I instantly felt paralyzed and soon enough, woke up to my most vivid sleep paralysis yet.

While lying there, in my immobile state on my bed, I saw it a arms length away. The silver oval came up to me, it was as tiny as I first saw it a thousand miles away. I was breathing frantically and it did not waiver. It just rested right in front of me as if newtons third law was a farce. As with all of my other experiences, it faded as did my paralysis.

I could be crazy, but I don't know. I haven't had sleep paralysis in some time now... I'm not looking to be contacted for questioning... I only want to know if there has been anyone else that has experienced what I have.