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Occurred : 11/4/2010 12:25 (Entered as : 11/04/10 12:25)
Reported: 11/6/2010 1:21:38 PM 13:21
Posted: 11/21/2010
Location: Upland, CA
Shape: Sphere
Duration:1 minute
Spherical object with bright flashing light seen moving east to west at 300-500 mph; airplane crossed path 1-5 miles behind object.

While on lunch break from a local computer school, I headed to a local park to eat and call my wife. It was a bright sunny day, about 85 degrees Fahrenheit, and about 12:20 PM.

I stepped outside of my SUV and was getting ready to use my cell phone, when something shiny or flashing caught my eye up in the sky.

When I looked up, I saw what looked like something metallic reflecting the light of the sun – or so I initially thought – so I assumed it must be an airplane.

I waited a few seconds to see the shape of the airplane come though as moved across the sky, but that didn’t happen.

As I looked at it, it appeared to just be a metallic, spherical shape, but what I thought was the reflection of the sun shinning off it’s surface, turned out to be a constant flashing light emanating from what appeared to be the center area of the object.

The object was traveling in an eastward to westward direction, relatively in a parallel path along the San Bernardino Mountains, but a couple of miles away from them. It also appeared to be at a somewhat lower altitude than what I’ve seen commercial passenger airliners fly at, and probably more likely at an altitude similar to what I’ve seen the smaller Cessna type airplanes at. It was above the background view of the mountains, which means it was silhouetted against a clear cloudless blue sky.

I would also guess it was traveling at a speed similar to what I’ve seen airplanes fly at, so I would guess 200-400 mph, but it would be hard for me to guess more accurately.

So as I realized that it did not look like an airplane, or that the shape didn’t “change” as it flew from the east to the west to reveal any other part of the vehicle, I started to think that perhaps it actually was an Unidentified flying object – at least I couldn’t say what it was.

For the entire duration of the sighing, which maybe lasted 30 seconds as it flew out of distance in the west, the shape visible to me was only a bright silvery metallic spherical one.

But the most outstanding feature of it was – upon later reflection – the bright flashing light that emanated seemingly from the center of the craft. It was very bright, as to be seen very brightly, even in the middle of this clear sunny day at noon. It flashed maybe one to one and a half times a second approximately, and it was completely constant, as you would expect to see from the lights on an airplane for instance. In this case though, the flashing light was big and bright enough, that from my perspective, when it flashed, you could not see any of the craft through or behind the flashing light.

If I were to guess, I’d say the object was maybe a mile away, and about 30-50 feet diameter, but it’s very hard to say, and I could be off by quite a bit.

Also, I heard no noise coming from the object, but I was not close enough to hear anything unless it had been very loud.

As the object was disappearing in the distance, maybe 5 miles away to the west over perhaps the neighboring town of Clairmont or perhaps already La Verne, I could still see the flashing very bright, even though the object itself was hardly even visible any more. As it disappeared completely, the flashing was still visible, though just faintly now, and then that too disappeared in the distance.

The whole time the vehicle did not seem to slow down or accelerate, or deviate off of a perfectly straight course.

What really put it in perspective, as to the fact that the object was in fact about that size, altitude, and shape, is that as it was disappearing out of sight, a passenger airliner was going from a south to north direction, presumably taking off from the neighboring Ontario International Airport.

The airliner was a little higher up, but the shape was unmistakable as that of an airplane, even though it was farther and higher than the sphere had been when it had been closer to me.

And there were no visible lights flashing from the airliner, even though I believe they keep their wing lights on, but in any case, no lights were visible in the bright sunny day, and no reflections at all were seen bouncing off of the airplane or anything like that. The shape was unmistakable as that of an airplane, from the time it first came into view, until it went out of sight in a northward direction.

After about 2 minutes or 3, after both the spherical object, and the airliner went out of view, another airplane crossed over to the west, going from a more or less southeast direction to a northwest one. This airplane was traveling at what I assume is standard commercial jetliner elevation, since it seemed pretty high up, but again, the shape of it as being of an airplane, was unmistakable, and no light or reflections coming from it.

It was only as I put all of those things together, that afterwards I was pretty convinced that I had seen something very unique and quite possibly a UFO. And I mean “UFO” in the truest sense, because it was truly unidentifiable to me, and it was flying. It could be some military craft, or yes, I guess what people typically call a “UFO” – a craft from other than our time / space / or dimension.

Whatever it was, it was absolutely not a conventional airplane, or helicopter, or whether balloon, or cloud, or falling satellite.