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Occurred : 10/9/2010 18:30 (Entered as : 10/09/2010 18:00)
Reported: 11/14/2010 5:08:09 PM 17:08
Posted: 11/21/2010
Location: Oak Lawn, IL
Shape: Rectangle
Duration:20 Minutes
Bright lights

I live in an ‘updated’ farm house built in 1867. The house is on a corner lot that is 102ft x 87ft. I have been in this house for over 50 years. There is a large front porch where I sit to have my "peace and quiet." My husband passed away ((deleted--about a decade ago.)). We were married 52 ½ years, We have 6 children, ages 40 to 63 years old and many grand children and great grand children.

My porch is well used. My grandchildren and I would sit for hours talking about the trees, the sky, stars, planets, clouds and the winds. Yes, we are pretty observant. I would tell them what I have learned from my grandfather. When it starts to snow, the porch is closed up.

On October 9, 2010, Saturday around 6:30pm, I was sitting in my chair. I saw clouds moving faster than normal. On the south side of the house, I noticed the "misplaced" North star about 90 degrees from the ground. I talk quietly to the star, as our loved ones are there. Between the trees there is an open space like a platform. As I sit, I don’t see the North star, but I saw a larger star that was glittering. As I got up to walk to the banister of the porch, something on the south side naturally got my attention. A "star" darted east to west slowly. Then it moved faster. I was able to see this incident very clearly.

I went into the house and told my daughter and grandson, but of course the computer was important to them. I grabbed my binoculars and went back by the banister on the south side. I looked up and it looked like pretty glares. It looked like an oblong box with 2 long lines and 2 shorter lines, with a big star and two or more stars that were not as big. The big star was glowing and bouncing side to side. The line on the big star was in the center of the top line. It looked like a large picture frame. The lines were darting here and there, inside the oblong shape, they zig-zagged back and forth, up and down as if a hand was waving or writing something. This lasted for 21 minutes. The whole area had a glow. An airplane came from Midway Airport, heading west, the stars were to the east. I turned to look at the airplane, and when I looked back at the stars they were gone, but the glow was still there. It had looked like the lights in Vegas, it was very pretty and eye catching, yet I was scared. I never really believed in flying saucers, but now I believe in the stars...objects. I hope this is a good omen.

My thoughts are...

The oceans control almost everything, making more movement like tidal waves, hurricanes, etc. Just about a pattern of towns and area, floods, damage and death. The sun comes up from the east, over the house to the south for years. For the last two years, the sun rises from the east over my neighbors house (north) and our backyard. Now, Oct/Nov, the sun is over more south of my house. The weather in Illinois is alike in the Spring and the Fall. In the so called true Autumn, leaves fall, of course the winds and storms help the tree leaves fall.

November, 11 2010: The fall/Autumn colors are not like years before, the trees are so colorful. Many trees still have their leaves. The Mountain Ash are the same throughout the years. 1st to go bare. My thoughts are, who controls the Earth’s movements? Is it some other planets? Do they help or hinder our Earth and why? The moon comes from the east to the west, on the southern part of our block.

My birth date is ((summer; 1920's)). I am ((deleted--octogenarian)) years old. I keep busy and love to read more and more mysteries and non fiction the older I get.