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Occurred : 11/28/2010 18:30 (Entered as : 11/28/2010 18:30)
Reported: 11/29/2010 12:38:46 AM 00:38
Posted: 1/5/2011
Location: Troy, MI
Shape: Triangle
Duration:5 minutes
Unusual Triangular Craft

Though I have read the reports on this website on many occasions, I have never (prior to this day) seen an unexplainable object in the sky.

On November 28th at about 630pm I was driving in the left lane of i75 northbound between Troy and Bloomfield Hills, Mi. The sky was heavily overcast and dark. The heavy clouds were semi-illuminated by the plentiful sub-urban lighting in the area. The freeway was quite busy in both directions. I was approaching the "Adams" Rd. exit when I noticed an odd pair of white lights above the trees to the east of the freeway. At the moment these lights looked rather like car headlights, if these could be in the air.

At first I thought they might be lights atop a new communications tower or something. Over the next 45 seconds I closed in on the lights, and it became clear that they were certainly unusual. As I neared I realized that these lights were not from a tower, and i thought that a small plane might be flying quite low. However, it quickly became apparent that the object was hovering in the air without moving. Further, it lacked typical beacon or strobe lights found on aircraft.

I quickly glanced around and noticed that I was somehow the only person that was noticing this object.. despite the fact that it was hovering in plain sight only slightly to the right of the freeway and about 50 feet above the near trees. It was extremely apparent. At this time I quickly moved to the slow lane and off onto the right shoulder, placing myself almost under the object.

As I looked up to it, I saw the shape clearly against the dim sky. It was an obtuse triangle with a somewhat bright white light at each point. The "wide" point of the triangle was pointed north, in the direction I was headed. The two other points of the triangle pointed east and west. The craft had a non-reflective black surface that demonstrated no surface details or reflections. The edges of the craft were clearly defined against the cloud cover.

Unfortunately, I had no camera with me. I did have binoculars but in the moment I did not think to use them. I began to move out onto the freeway, continuing north. As i pulled out i looked out at the craft, it seemed to have turned as I could now only see two lights. It was still in the same location.

I looked forward and accelerated. Just them a bright "flash" of light shone through the glass of my sunroof, moving east to west over me. I looked out my driver-side window in the apparent direction of the light and saw nothing moving. However, through the clouds to the near-west, I then saw a series of four quick "flashes" of light, like narrow pulses from above the cloud. These flashes were white in color. I quickly turned to look where the craft was and it was now gone.

I continued onward to my destination. I saw no more of this craft for the rest of my trip. However, I did see a second "object" later in the evening, while driving south on my return trip to Detroit. This object seemed quite different, and I will write a sister report for this one. It was seen in Goodrich, MI. and will be reported from that city, on the same date. It astonishes me, however, that while never seeing such a thing my entire life I now see two "UFOs" in the same evening.

In addition, my sister has described to me two similar sightings in the past several weeks. These were seen in the same general region.

I am presently a student of psychology, working toward a PhD. I possess degrees in photography and liberal arts. I have excellent eyesight and was not using drugs or alcohol. I welcome contact on this if needed.