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Occurred : 12/2/2010 20:43 (Entered as : 12/2/10 20:43)
Reported: 12/1/2010 5:01:43 PM 17:01
Posted: 1/5/2011
Location: Melbourne (Australia),
Shape: Circle
Duration:10 mins
The "ufo" (unknown object(s)) Where flying at an incredible speed. seemed to circle melbourne and shoot off into the atmosphere

It was a gorgeous night. I was at BMX training. I was looking north east towards mt Dandenong TV towers then I noticed 2 circular disc shaped objects flying past rather fast. I tried to get a better look on the second burm, but then they vanished. I asked a mate if he saw the discs and he said I saw something “fly past rather past”. I then ignored it and thought of it as 2 fighter jets that had their engines off. So about half an hour later I was up on the 7 metre start hill and then noticed the 2 objects again.

But this time they were flying slowly, and then they started to hover then shot off in a south west direction. It was so fast I could only just process it. I felt a little dizzy afterwards because I thought “if that was a UFO, then what the f**k”