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Occurred : 11/25/2010 21:00 (Entered as : 11-25-10 21:00)
Reported: 12/4/2010 4:18:41 AM 04:18
Posted: 1/5/2011
Location: Greeneville, TN
Shape: Other
Duration:1 hr
many sightings but the last ones were for a week Novemeber 23-27@010..Different events were flashing bright light,..flickering lights..

1- I hope you will not consider this a hoax and delete it. It is for real and I have hundreds of photos to prove it. I have been watching UFO activity in the same exact area for a year and a half and have taken pictures of them and gotten very strange stuff…not always the same…yet one repeats over and over.

The objects are moving at times but remain in the same place for long period of times other times. Most people take movies if they take anything at all. Some think it is the best way to keep from being a hoax…although those too have proved a lot of time to be fake. I have put my Nikon 300 camera with a 20-200 telephoto lens on a tripod and used a cable cord for shutter release. I’ve put the ASA on 1600 and cranked it even to 3500.

I’ve seen stationary lights…flashing strobe lights,.. bright flashing or blinking lights, ..flickering lights…and three nights ago actually saw a craft for a split second. One light came on, ..then another next to it and continued like that in a zooming fashion from one end to the other and then stayed unlashing for split second and then simply disappeared. It was so fast I couldn’t count the number of lights but I would say 15-20! It looks like what I have many still shots of in my photos. The images in the photos were picked up by my camera and I did not see the images themselves until looking at what had been taken…They come out about the size of a pin head on the camera but I can crop in to ‘bring them up a bit on the camera. Sometimes they will enlarge to only the size of a small fingernail.. other times to the size of a thumb nail.. and then every once in a while it will fill the whole screen of the back of the camera.

Friends of mine in the area saw my shots and recently they were up at midnight and went outside to see all kinds of colored blinking lights. The shots they got with their point and shoot camera were very strange too.

I got four different sightings last year and at least ten this year…seven just in the past week. There might have been many more times but I freaked out and didn’t look so I wouldn’t see more. Then something happened in broad day light Oct.31 this year and I began watching again. I have photographed five tiny lights moving all over the sky and the some darting off one direction ,one another and one stayed …then 2- three came back.When I cropped them they looked like a gol darn kids amusement park! They had images of a ‘dolls shoe’ with antennas out the front …and other equally strange images… I have gotten things that to me remind me of a Roman coin(why I think that I don’t know) and in the past week I’ve gotten a ‘lot’ of them. I saw a triangle in the sky and showed thee lights.. the other night I saw a triangle of lights but it had three lights on the sides and along the back, with a red one on the one corner. When I enlarged the photo after I got them made, the lights are round with a ?antenna/ or protrusion out front.

THE MOST RECENT ARE OF ACTUAL ‘AIRPLANE’ TYPE THINGS BUT ARE BARS WITH LIGHTS…One has a top and bottom bar with the lights in between. I was out there for an hour taking the ‘blinking’ lights and at first thought it was a four second exposure maybe catching the line of blinks. However I saw only a white flash and the bars of light have maybe a single white light then a red, then three white, and a red and maybe two white…the pattern doesn’t hold true. Then the other night I realized it wasn’t a four second delay to take the picture…it was ‘there was nothing to take in the dark night sky but the second it flashed the camera went off. That was discovered when I SAW the craft the one time for split second and it matches some of my photos. There must have been 7-10 to12 objects those nights and they were different. I have pictures of them all. (Good pictures)Right now I still have some of the disc/coin ones on my camera…and a few round dimensional balls) I have contacted people but the local paper put in the first one last year and I don’t know if they are spooked to do any more or think I can’t be seeing this much and am a kook. People around this area have seen these for at least six years and don’t know what it is ,..try to explain it with logic ..think it’s our government stuff…or are too afraid to tell anyone. (I have an appointment with the local guy of investigation and home land security Monday to put to rest that our government doesn’t have stuff going on but with the images and so many going in different directions at the same time and the weird shapes etc…it’s NOT ours.

I’ve been very frustrated because either no one will pay any attention as 3- to it being real, or the government has ‘hushed them up’. I sent photos to the Bristle Tn. T.V. station and they replied back they had no idea what it is..and they would check…I’ve heard nothing!!! (Someone else I know said they had contacted the Johnson City t.v. station years ago about the lights in this same area and they did do a segment…The guy that did it got fired shortly afterward ..they don’t know if it was from covering that or not.) Tonight I was laying in bed and the thought of looking up ‘UFO reporting’ on the computer came to my head. Last year I had a local Mufon guy out when the first sighting hit the newspaper but if it’s not a ‘triangle’ or ‘little green men’. .they aren’t interest. Guess UFO’s have to fit ‘their’ thinking rather than the fact that there are plenty others out there…‘I’ can attest to that.

With what I’ve been picturing and seeing I know why Our planes who have chased ‘strange crafts’ can’t catch them. It’s NOT that the crafts are faster than ours as much as it is that they can disappear within a shield. I’ve seen it.I’ve also seen the ‘coins/crafts/discs ???? at different stages and know how they are formed. I know this is unbelievable but truth is stranger than fiction…besides,.. who would make up such far fetched stuff if it was a hoax they want someone to ‘believe’.

The UFO’S are ‘hidden in plain sight’…They have the people to thank for not being discovered. With people faking stuff, ..causing a hoax and non believers who try to rationalize it, the UFO’S are free to reign unbothered. ..but are they aliens from ‘outer space’ or another country with things invading us in our space ??? Either one, people put their heads in the sand and won’t get serious to find out…..if they don’t admit it it doesn’t exist! Some day it might be too late.

I personally am ‘not’ into UFO’S. However I am into photography and when I see something strange that might need to be photographed and checked out as to it’s source, I will take it.