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Occurred : 3/15/1997 01:00 (Entered as : 7/75 3/97 1:00)
Reported: 12/5/2010 3:09:38 PM 15:09
Posted: 1/5/2011
Location: San Tan Valley, AZ
Shape: Light
Duration:5 hrs
I specifically recall a grey touching my forehead with one long skinny finger to put me back under?

March 1997 Approx one month after moving into new mobile home in Chandler, AZ.

I was having a very disturbing and extremely realistic bad dream in the dream I was sleeping and woke up to commotion and light in my bedroom the light did not come from any lamp or light source that I had in the room it was like a flooding light not that bright but illuminated the whole room from what I remember I saw three small thin short aliens the exact kind we call the GREYS one was next to my husbands head one at the foot of the bed and when I went to sit up in bed I turned to my side and there was one right next to me by the headboard of the bed as I went to sit up the grey took his long skinny index finger (3 fingers and a thumb) and touched me very lightly on the forehead right between the eyes and the next thing I remember I woke up sat straight up in bed full of adrenaline really freaked out. I pulled open the curtain and through the blinds saw that the sun was barely rising. I thought to myself I have only been asleep for about 5 hours.

I am so unbelievably thirsty but if I get up and go get a drink I wont be able to go back to sleep. I am going to feel like crap if I can’t get a few more hours but my mouth was so dry when I tried to swallow I hadn’t any saliva and gagged.

With The adrenaline rush and the thirst I rolled off my high pedestal waterbed and when I tried to stand my knees buckled. I became extremely weak I felt like I had hiked a mountain lifted weights and been beaten and in a car accident all at the same time. My whole body was sore. My muscles were aching legs weak head felt so heavy I actually felt drugged. Sort of how you would feel after having outpatient surgery where you get anesthesia and an hour later you are woken up and ready to go home.

I pulled myself together and walked to the kitchen. I never drink tap water but this time I grabbed a kid’s cup and went to the sink. As it was filling I looked out the window that was over the sink and saw my 6month old kitten sitting on the hood of the neighbors car across the yard looking at me.

I remember gasping and almost choking because I hadn’t drank yet when I saw her. I thought damn there must be a hole under one of the cabinets to the outside or something. She was an indoor cat and never had been outside and she was in bed with me when I fell asleep that prior evening.

I quickly drank the water and went to the door which was locked (both locks) unlocked it opened it. I gasped again because the scrunchie hair-tie that I ALWAYS wore in my long hair to bed so my hair stays out of my face was on the front porch step.

I ran out grabbed the cat and went back to my bedroom feeling very bewildered and confused.

My thoughts immediately went back to my dream.

My husband got out of bed and got dressed and left for work he was going in earlier than usual since we were awake 3 hours early. I didn’t tell him anything other than I had a bad dream. I didn’t want to sound crazy.

As soon as he was gone I called my mom in Illinois to tell her about the dream and how real it seemed when it comes to paranormal and metaphysical things she is very open-minded.

I told her how I woke-up found the cat the hair tie etc. and I expected her to say something like oh honey you just had a bad dream or maybe I was sleepwalking (which I have never done).

But what she told me instead of something comforting and reassuring was a story that thoroughly freaks me out and yet sounds so familiar.

According to my mother Sharon lee mowatt-hardwick in the summer/fall 1975 my grandparents ken and Ethel mowatt were on their way to las Vegas to go gamble like they did every so often.

Somewhere between the Arizona border and Vegas my grandfather saw a very bright light that seemed to be following them. He was positive it wasn’t Venus as they were in the mountains and the horizon where Venus rises and sets wasn’t visible.

The light followed for so long that he decided to pull the car off the road to see if it was a helicopter would pass over them and my grandmother had wanted her sweater, which was in the trunk of the car Granddaddy told my mom when he got out of the car he saw the light getting really close and really bright but he was puzzled as there was absolutely no sound whatsoever coming from what he assumed to be a helicopter. As the light was right over them another thing he noticed was the lack of the blinking lights that every plane helicopter aircraft are required to have just the one steady white round bright spotlight.

The next thing my grandfather says he recalls is the fact that when he blinked his eyes it was suddenly daylight my grandma who had been inside the car was standing right next to him wearing the sweater he had never gotten out of the trunk inside out.

They looked at each other dumbfounded got into the car and proceeded to Vegas When they arrived at the motel the desk clerk immediately informed them that they were almost 6 hours late for check-in and our family and the Highway Patrol had been looking for them fearing an accident.

Over the next month they both started having dreams and flashbacks.

Granddaddies were of seeing Mum on an exam table surrounded by 4 grays and they were doing something to her breast. He attempted to sit up from a laying position and a grey placed his 4-fingered hand flat on granddaddy’s chest and that’s it. Mum just had dreams of being examined by children.

Granddaddy died on Christmas Eve 1984 of lung and esophageal cancer when the chest x-rays were given to my grandma the clouded mass of cancer in his chest was in the exact shape of a small hand.

Mum passed in ’92 of breast cancer and she had a mastectomy done prior to her death where a small long thin piece of metal was removed from her breast tissue and analyzed. The lab could not identify what is was or was made of they gave it to my mom in a small glass vial and my mom doesn’t remember what happened to it.

I recently moved to the country and I feel like I’m losing my sanity and I also found a lump in my forearm no scar went to dr. and they said to leave it alone?? My issue is the grey touched Mums breast and granddaddy’s chest and I specifically recall a grey touching my forehead with one long skinny finger to put me back under?