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Occurred : 12/6/2010 18:00 (Entered as : 12/06/10 6:00pm)
Reported: 12/7/2010 4:04:42 PM 16:04
Posted: 1/5/2011
Location: Chino Hills, CA
Shape: Light
White Lights Over Inland Empire CA

Monday December 6th 2010 I was driving on Interstate 91E after work around 6:00pm and saw a very bright what I thought to be a star in the sky. On this Monday the sky was very clear after a weekend of rain and stars could be seen with clarity. After being taken back by the size and brightness of the star I noticed it started to flicker as if it were a helicopter or as if a Christmas tree light were hanging in the sky. After about five minutes of the flicker the light began to dull out as if it was a short, then I noticed a change from white to red and then it was gone in a blink of the eye. After about 2 or three minutes I noticed the bright bright star once again in the same spot, as if it had never went away it just appeared out of no where. It was once again still and bright white, I noticed it for another 5 min and then once again is started to dull out and vanish. After doing this twice now when it returned as it did before this time there were three bright lights making a triangular shape. I called my mom to confirm what I was seeing and she saw the same from her back yard.

The lights stayed for about half an hour with all of them changing from bright white to red to vanishing. After seeing this I have done some research and found a group of people who saw the same event about two months ago in the same location as I did and took a video, this is exactly what I experienced.

There video is listed on the following site: