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Occurred : 10/16/2010 13:00 (Entered as : 10/16/10 13:00)
Reported: 12/27/2010 12:05:57 PM 12:05
Posted: 1/5/2011
Location: anonymous,
Duration:Until NOW
Just want to talk to someone about what I've seen & experienced

I don't want to give that many details. I'd prefer to remain anonymous. I've already reported a few of my sightings to another website/organization & regretted it immediately. Two other witnesses and I were laughed at, mocked, and interrogated into silence when the investigators came out to take a look at what we were seeing. We were pretty much told to 'forget about it' and that they were 'just airplanes'.

The three of us were so offended and shocked at the ignorant behavior of these two men that we didn't even say goodbye to them.

While we were all out there (the three of us & the two investigators) I stood there and counted a dozen 'airplanes'. Yes, they looked JUST LIKE AIRPLANES at first. I stood there and tried to explain this to the main investigator, but he literally ignored me and kept jabbering to my friend about things that didn't even pertain to what we were doing. They weren't moving like planes. They didn't make any sound. And they popped up randomly all over the sky. My friend and I had seen this several nights in a row. That's how it would all begin. First the flashy 'airplanes', and then the weirder stuff would show up.

On our way out to the location, I had seen a very large cigar-shaped golden-yellow glowing craft off in the distance, near the horizon, first just hovering and then moving slowly, horizontally. It literally appeared out of no where.

After all the of the flashy guys showed up (the fake airplanes), another one of these very large cigar-shaped crafts popped up again. Right along the horizon. My friend and I pointed it out to the investigator and he acted as if he didn't even see it at first. It wasn't until it started moving (because it was hovering in that spot) that he noticed it, and before anything else could be said... he LOUDLY and very forcibly said, 'girls, it's just an airplane!' Just an airplane? My friend and I looked at each other (the other witness (my Mom) was in the vehicle, as it was very cold out and she couldn't handle it) and shook are heads. The investigator acted totally oblivious when we started talking about him in front of him, about how he had to be blind and that he must have thought we were stupid to believe his lies. These rude and interrogating tactics may work with other people, but we know what we've been seeing. It's like trying to tell someone that there is no sun, even as it's beating down on their heads.

My Mom later told us that when she was looking in the sky with the binoculars that one of the investigators had let her use, she saw something really strange near this odd cluster of stars no one could seem to identify, (despite the fact that they'd brought one of those star-detecting things) and when she went to tell the investigator about it, he ripped the binoculars out of her hands and ignored her.

You can't imagine the things I've seen on a nightly basis! Amazing things! I've seen an 'airplane' split in half, like mitosis, forming two flying crafts. I've watched an 'airplane' transform into a triangular-shaped UFO and then watched it descend towards the ground. I've seen the same triangular-shaped UFO pop up, out of no where, under the very cloudy sky, at treetops height, fly OVER my car, and see it land in a cornfield. I've seen what I thought were stars suddenly begin moving and flying all over the sky in strange formations. Strange blue glowing lights that move from left to right, left to right, right to left, right to left,... Weird balls of plasma-like light that have strange flashing red lights going off all around it like a sea of drunken sailors in the night sky. I've seen hundreds upon hundreds of UFOs-- some possibly top secret military & some not of this earth, all different types, doing things that can only be described as 'magic'. Glowing mists in the sky! . Animals acting very strange (especially the dogs in town & the cattle outside of town). Odd sounds in the middle of the night-- sonic booms, electrical pulses, tapping on the walls... Being jolted awake in the middle of the night, terrified.

There have been a lot of landings recently, too. I've seen landings in cornfields, strange glowing lights in the middle of the field, and often I see craft that hover over several of my neighbors houses and several nights later I'll see UFOs landing in their backyards. On Thanksgiving, my nephew told about a UFO he had seen in a cornfield. He described it. Saucer-shaped. Dark and metallic. With what appeared to be very strange 'Christmas-like' lights on it. It's funny because both myself & my friend have seen similar lights on other crafts before. My friend also had a triangular-shaped UFO fly over her van after she left my place on the 9th of November. It hovered over her for a bit as she pulled over, rolled down the window, and stuck her head out the window. She said it had super-fast moving Christmas-like lights on the underside and she felt as if she were being hypnotized. It left her feeling dizzy and nauseous.

They notice when you notice.

On November the 12th I was in my bedroom, about to get ready for bed. I don't really remember exactly what I was doing - if I was reading a book or making my bed or what. But I heard an owl hooting outside of my bedroom window. I don't remember when I first noticed it, but I remember going to the window and opening it up. It kept hooting. It was VERY STRANGE. I'd never heard an owl out here before. My room is in the basement so the window is literally ground level. I could tell the owl was sitting on the ground right beside the window, but when I looked out (stretching the screen as far as I could) I NEVER saw it. But it was RIGHT THERE. And it wouldn't stop hooting. On and on it went. With only a second or two in between. For what I would guess to be 15-20 minutes, but I can't be sure on that because I don't really even remember when it stopped. While it was hooting I looked towards the night sky. There were UFOs all over. Fake airplanes morphing into random things. Flying ! saucers. Shooting stars and fire balls. Plasma balls. The night sky was going crazy. But that's it. That's all I remember. I only guess that the owl hooted for 15-20 minutes, but I don't know. It could have been hooting for all of eternity. I don't remember leaving the window. I don't remember shutting the window. I don't even remember going to bed. The only thing I do remember is a strange dream I had involving my Dad (who died 9 months ago), aliens, a HUGE holographic telescope in my backyard, and Saturn.

I remember having seen The Fourth Kind not too long after it came out. And upon remembering hearing the owl, I remembered this movie. So I did a little research online. Most people only report having SEEN the owl. But my case is totally different. I never saw the owl, I only heard it.

On the 13th, though, I didn't quite place how weird the entire night before was right away. I didn't even know that I had forgotten. I just remembered the owl and was oblivious to the fact that it was weird that I had forgotten all else. It wasn't until weeks after that night that I realized how bizarre it all really was. And the more I tried to remember, the more I forgot. It's like a twisted mind-game and it leaves me feeling like I'm losing my mind! My friend and I would discuss things we had seen separately. We both had a lot of the same experiences even when we were apart. Especially concerning our dreams. On nights that one of us would call about having a strange dream about aliens & UFOs, the other would confirm that she, too, had been having vivid dreams of aliens & UFOs. These dreams involve the government and how they're trying to control us & keep us unaware of the alien presence, others about upcoming earth changes that could be devastating on a mass scale, others involving strange experimentation with genetics & reproduction,... I could go on and on.

There is so much to say,... but this is getting long. All I want are answers. I want to know what's going on. I want to know about the strange creatures that talk to me in my dreams - some of them that look like Grays, some that look like Dragons... I have a hard time sleeping at night,...

If possible, I would like this sighting removed from the site as soon as possible. I just want someone to email me, and discuss it that way. No phone calls. No investigations. Nothing. I just need someone to talk to.