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Occurred : 12/27/2010 20:00 (Entered as : 12/27/2010 20:00)
Reported: 12/28/2010 11:15:36 AM 11:15
Posted: 1/5/2011
Location: Fremont, CA
Shape: Triangle
Duration:20 minutes
UFO was observed as a triangle shaped object with a glowing green light below, Craft lowered to 1000 feet, hovered w/ no sound .

Object observed was at first thought to be the North Star. The star began moving slowly towards the south east. As the object moved closer its color was more defined and observed as a large flouresant green light with a light colored haze shadow above the green light. Object at this time was estimated at least 100,000 feet above the earth. The object lowered more than X5 in size and hovered slightly north east of our location. At this time my wife and I could see there was some type of "object" light gray in color like a shadow that was shaped like a triangle above the green light. This triangle object was directly over the top of the green light ( same color green as that of a green light used in green for traffic signals) and moved as if it was part of the structure attached to the Object.

The Object hovered for approximately four minutes at this position. The Object then began to lower elevation and proceed directly towards our residence. At first as the Object was lowering it was hard to tell if the Object was a Craft or some type of balloon because the green light was well below the gray fuzzy Object. I say fuzzy because the Objects perimiter lines were not clearly defined until the object lowered to approximately 30,000 ft. The Object which I will now call a Craft continued to lower at an angle in which we could only see the bottom of the Craft and the lower green light which was well beneath the craft. The Craft slowly came down directly at us taking about three minutes then made some sort of a maneuver at approximately 10,000-15,000 feet tipping forward the "body structure of the Craft" and turning towards the westerly direction (San Francisco and Oakland) and stopped. At this time the craft approximately one third mile away and was seen to have a series! of window like structures with clearly defined pilliars. These solid same as Craft composition pilliars made this front of Craft area look like it had windows only in front and not all around the Craft. Also, it was hard to tell if this green area was not some type of power source and not windows at all BUT they sure looked like windows to us... These structures were clearly defined as they were flourescent green in color same as the single green light below the Craft. This Object/Craft only had the solid permanent "on" round green light as described above and no type of the required red, green or white flashing navigation type airplane lights.

The Craft straighten up again and stopped. The Craft positioned itself so we could only see the bottom again for about 30 seconds. I tried to take three photos of the Craft and the green light with my camera but the Pic's even though they were in the view area when Pic was taken did not show up on photo. The Object/Craft was now close enough to see that it appeared to be emitting enough light from the large lower green light to illuminate the bottom of the craft and make it visible to the eye. The Craft appeared as a semi-flat gray colored triangle shaped object.

At ALL times during the observation of the Object/Craft. There was NO SOUND at all from the Craft and there was some type of energy either emitting from or surrounding the Craft. This energy would slightly distort the Crafts perimiter lines. I can only describe this energy or what I am calling energy as someting that would look like heat waves in the desert on a very hot summer day.

The Craft after hovering another 30 seconds began to slowly move forward and descend in altitude moving to the west on the approximate approach path in between Oakland International and SFO Airports. The Craft at this time was approximately 5,000 feet lowering to 2,000 feet and about one quarter mile from our location. The Craft appeared to be about twice the size of a 747 aircraft. As the Craft slowly moved off in the distance. One could see as the Craft moved through some thin low clouds (that added more additional light reflecting from the city lights)that the Craft clearly had less distortion from the energy waves. The extra light gave us a glimps that the Craft's surface was non reflective flat gray to egg shell gray in color and had slighly rounded corners in the triangluar shape. Now at a lower altitude and closer proximity it was much clearer to see the craft. We could see that the green light that emitted light was well below the craft and at least approximately 300! feet lower than the Craft. At this point, I could not tell if the green light illuminated the bottom of the Craft or the Craft actually had a faint green glow emitting from the Craft. This was because no attaching structure could be visibally seen inbetween the Craft and the lower green light at any time..Especially when the Craft passed through the lighted clouds and became more visible and we could not see any ataching structure to the green light. The lower green light appeared solid in color, round and seemed have been shaped like a sphere. The overall size of this green light was approximately 5 percent the size of the Craft.

This Craft was stealthy quiet. If we would not have been in our spa watching for satillites we never would have seen this Craft and Event.

We watched this Craft slowly move towards San Francisco/Oakland at an estimated 100 mph same as a small private plane's speed almost stop then proceed and continue at an altitude of approximatel 1000 feet until it was out of view. The Craft proceededThis heading over San Francisco Bay like it was going to pass right in between the two major airports SFO and OAK.