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Occurred : 12/26/2010 17:08 (Entered as : 12/26/10 17:08)
Reported: 12/30/2010 4:21:49 PM 16:21
Posted: 1/5/2011
Location: Reno, NV
Shape: Circle
Duration:5 seconds
12/26/2010 17:08 Reno Nevada circle 5 seconds moved across sky from west to east

December 26th, I was outside at about 14:50 hour setting up to film my Christmas light show. The night was partly cloudy, and the night sky was twilight. There was only one star visible.

My house street runs west to east, I am standing across the street setting up my HDD recorder, I would be looking south to film my house.

I started filming at 17:00 hour. The second song to play is Wizards in winter and that’s when the object appeared at about 17:08. I first saw the object way before it entered in to the view finder. It was bright and very bold looking in the sky, as nothing could compare to its size or speed. Best way for me to explain its size is if a star is pin size the object would be pea size. I can’t imagine it saw it for more than 5 seconds. It disappeared behind the clouds and I saw it again through the opening of clouds for maybe another second then it went be clouds again. The object itself seemed to go bright to dim, there was no after burn or anything behind its movement. Meteors, space junk, don’t know, hopefully there is a logical explanation.

Best Regards