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Occurred : 1/1/2011 00:02 (Entered as : 01/01/11 0:02)
Reported: 1/1/2011 12:35:05 AM 00:35
Posted: 1/5/2011
Location: Woodbridge, VA
Shape: Light
Duration:Approx 6 minutes
A group of six watches and videotapes seven UFOs flying over Northern Virginia minutes after the start of the New Year.

UFO Incident Report January 1, 2011 Six of us were celebrating the New Year at our home in Northern Virginia. We were all in the living room, watching the countdown to the New Year on television and were waiting to toast the event. The ages of the people were as follows: One male 13 year old One male 15 year old One male 24 year old One female (approximately 23 years old ) One male 48 year old One female 48 year old At approximately 12:02am, we all stepped out onto our deck to scream “Happy new Year” and to listed for others celebrating with fireworks, etc. Almost immediately, someone in the group shouted, “look at those lights!” We all looked South and observed four orange lights in the shape of orbs. The lights appeared to be more or less, evenly spaced from left to right (East to west) and were clearly moving Northward, toward our location. Two of our group began to film the objects with cell phone video cameras, while all of us talked and shouted over one another, identifying the obvious reasons why these objects could not be aircraft or other known manmade crafts. Those observations will be detailed below.

As the objects came nearer, I (The 48 year old male in the group) decided to run down to the basement and get my video camera. I obtained the camera and went into our backyard, below and in front of the deck, where the rest of the group was still positioned, observing the objects…. Now, considerably closer than when I had left. As the objects continued to get closer, I could see that they were somewhat offset, as well as spaced apart. More specifically, there was one in the lead, the second was a bit off of the left and back and so forth. The “formation” was similar to military aircraft formations.

As the objects began to pass overhead, the rear most one, began to dim at a constant pace until it appeared to vanish before our eyes. The remaining three continued on and flew over our heads and ass that happened, the trailing object began to increase its speed dramatically. That object was moving directly toward the object that was second in line and it appeared as though the last one was going to collide with the middle one. It sped up and raced right up to the middle one and appeared to pass within inches of that object. As it passed, it’s light began to dim and then the object vanished. Moments later, as we watched the remaining two objects continue North, they both dimmed out and vanished as well. With the lights out, I could still see the unlit object continuing north for a moment, until it was absorbed by the darkness.

As all of us were talking over one another about what we had witnessed, someone directed our attention to the south, where we observed three more objects heading toward us in the exact same fashion. These objects were duplicates of the four that we had just seen. The 24 year old male in the group shouted, “I’m going to go get my laser light, and he ran into the house. The rest of us watched as these three orange lights continued north toward us. As they were at about the 2 o’clock position on the horizon, the rearmost object dimmed it’s lights rapidly until it literally vanished before our eyes. The remaining two continued toward us.

The 24 year old male returned to the deck with his laser and activated it. There was a brief exchange regarding the law forbidding pointing lasers at aircraft. He proclaimed what we all knew, that these were not aircraft and the law did not apply. We quickly discussed the possibility of an alien misreading the laser as a threat and the 24 year old stated that he was sure that they would be able to identify it as a simple beam of light. With that, he directed the green laser at the rearmost object, which was now passing directly overhead. All of us were surprised to see the object illuminate with the green reflection of the laser beam. Seeing this, confirmed that the objects were much lower and smaller than we had originally thought. The two objects continued north to about the 10 o’clock position and then simultaneously dimmed out and were gone.

Items Of Interest: There is a commercial flight path within sight of this location, however it runs from south to southwest. There has never been a commercial or private aircraft that has flown in this path, since we have lived here. That is almost six years.

All of these objects flew directly over the Quantico Marine Base. This base does not have a lot of aircraft activity. In the past 5 and a half years, I have only seen four helicopters and no fighter/fast mover type of aircraft.

All aircraft are required to display one red and one green light, in addition to landing lights while on approach to an airport. There were no green, red, white or flashing lights on these objects whatsoever. These objects were illuminated with an orange light.

None of us hear any sound associated with these objects.

None of us had any physiological or psychological reactions, other than great excitement, to these objects.

Of our group, three of the adults believe in and have observed UFOs in the past. The 23 year old female did not believe in UFOs but has been profoundly affected by this experience. The two children have witnessed unexplained lights (with the adults present) in the past, and seem stressed about the possibility of the lights being associated with alien life.

The 48 year old male is a retired “Big City” police officer and is currently an investigator for a federal agency. He is also a Veteran Army Paratrooper. Because of the sensitive nature of his career, he is deeply concerned about being identified.

Five of the people in this group are related. Husband and wife, father and three sons, Three of the adults in this group have had multiple UFO sightings throughout 2010.