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Occurred : 1/1/2011 22:00 (Entered as : 1/1/11 10:00pm)
Reported: 1/1/2011 6:51:38 PM 18:51
Posted: 1/5/2011
Location: Miramich (Canada), NB
Shape: Light
I was drawn outside by the sound of fireworks, and thought it would be a good idea to bring the dog to do his buisness. As I watched the fireworks, I turned the opposite direction and began to walk towards the house, when I noticed a strongly flashing star above the tree line. Having seen my share of satelites, planes, shooting stars and whatever else you can think of, It immediatly caught my attention as something more.

I watched as it began to move from side to side in a jerky motion. I ran inside to get my boyfriend, and we ran out and watched for a good 15 minutes as it flashed and pulsated. It was far enough in the distance, that we couldnt make out any direct shape, but the pulsating flashes and irregular dashes too and fro; as well as the way it seemed to almost completely dim, then flash to life again in blues,and yellows and red. What probably made me even notice it the first, is that the light stood out so strong against the light pollution/city smog. It stood out so srongly, where other stars and planes were lost in the orangish haze. This light pulsated, and hovered to and fro, for near 15 or twenty minutes. I only wish it would have been closser to make out further details. it was undoubtably something strange.. and no way could anyone pass it off as 'weather ballons'.. or anything else.