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Occurred : 12/25/2010 21:15 (Entered as : 12/25/10 21:15)
Reported: 1/2/2011 3:09:00 PM 15:09
Posted: 1/5/2011
Location: Hudson (Canada), QC
Shape: Light
2 Red orbs; 16 witnesses, Christmas night 2010, Hudson, Quebec

I would like to report a UFO sighting.

This took place in Hudson Quebec, Canada, Dec 25, 2010, Christmas evening, at 9:15EST pm.

My wife and I, and my two children aged 26 and 22, were visiting my nephew who lives there. We were at a gathering of family to celebrate Christmas, a dinner.

My daughter had a few pieces of fireworks left over from the summertime. After supper we all decided to walk over to a schoolyard clearing, a block away, to launch them.

There was about a foot of hard snow on the ground and the temperature late that afternoon was between -10 and -15 degrees below zero (Celsius). There was no wind.

There were 16 of us in all, including three young children. All the others were adults, ages 22 through 60.

My nephew, who's home we were visiting, and a friend of his were present. Both are experienced commercial pilots.

I myself am a retired mechanical engineer, aged 60. There were several other professionals among us as well.

I set up a few firework sticks in the ground and proceeded to fire them off. There were a total of about 8 pieces, five of which shot simple 'light balls', high up.  I was in charge of the fireworks; the others were situated about 50 feet away for safety. There was one fairly bright streetlight just off to the north-west side of the group. I was at the bottom of a very slight hill; the others were at the top of the hill. The sky was generally clear, though very slightly hazy in areas,. Stars could easily be seen through this haziness. The moon was well off in the horizon and had not yet come into our view.

At the end of the final launch, the whole of which took about 10 minutes, one of our girls called out something to the likes of, " Oh, what are those?". We all looked up to the West sky, for me partly obscured by the streetlight. It helped to block out the streetlight with my hand extended, in order to see the objects better. I then quickly proceeded up the short hill to a better viewing point.

We ALL witnessed what I can only describe as two glowing ORBS, transitioning from a copper-red, to a golden-white hue (somewhat pulsing) Their size appeared (comparatively) roughly 10 times the diameter of the planet Jupiter, though not 10x as bright. They were not spectacularly bright, not dull, but clearly visible. If there had been any clear shape patterns/or distortions they would have been noticed. The shapes remained basically oval/spherical.

One pilot estimated the distances to be roughly 2 kilometers away at elevations of about 2000-3000 feet or so, angled at about 40-50 degrees above the horizon. The other pilot ventured a height of about 1000ft and perhaps only a kilometer away. A couple of us had seen what was most likely a plane passing far overhead and far above the ORBS, and estimated it to be at perhaps 4000 to 10,000 feet (PET airport is about 50km away) The ORBS were very clearly visible and well below any cloud mist, the whole of the observed time.

I quickly asked if anyone had brought with them a camera. No one answered to the affirmative, even though we had many cameras back at the house, just a block away. Nevertheless, my niece had indeed brought her old cell-phone camera and had tried to snap a picture. She and her companion reported that the picture did not come out, believing either that there was not enough light or that she was not able to get the objects into focus within that short time they presented themselves to us.

The ORBS were present to our viewing only for about 3-4 minutes, from the time we first discovered them... they may have been there longer, but not observed by us.

The ORBS were moving slowly in a roughly easterly direction (parallel to the Ottawa river, nearby). They made NO sound that anyone could hear, and we all had stopped to listen.

We were looking at them and they were traveling in our direction, at least at first notice.

It was shortly after the fireworks show that we first noticed them. Within the subsequent minute, the ORB at the left appeared to come to a full stop, and did not change in brightness, except for the color changes (about one full cycle per 3 seconds). The second varied at what appeared to be the same rate. This variation transitioned smoothly/continuously, and not in any abrupt off-on manner.  The ORB on the right appeared at first to be about the width of 3-4 fingers apart (held at arms length) from the ORB on the left. It stopped momentarily, dimmed, and then commenced to brighten slowly (until it roughly matched that of the ORD on the left), all while moving forward (or downward) as the other ORB remained put. This movement entailed a short (clockwise) bending pattern movement, then coming around into a straighter path, to eventually arrive at a position much closer to the ORB on the left (one finger width). I thought at one instant that it was going to connect up with the other.

At that point it stayed put and the ORB on the left waited, then slowly moved into a new path towards the south-south-west. Shortly afterword, the second ORB slowly began to move in that same direction, following the other precisely. Both went on their way into the distance and faded out of sight within the 3rd-4th minutes (like fading embers).

It really appeared to me that these objects had been observing us and had only changed direction after having noticed that our show was over, or that they had been discovered.

In discussing with the pilots, they decided to 'call in' to their professional contacts to see if any planes were in the area, at this level, perhaps explaining the observations. Two calls were made. There were no confirmations, at that point, of any such low flights.

We conjectured:  None of the lights were typical of any known plane 'standards', that the pilots could think of. There were NO sounds at all, if one were trying to consider helicopters in the area, as a possible cause.

The amazing coincidence of two objects seemingly communicating with each other, on Christmas evening, at this hour, was very unusual. In particular, the coincidence of our lighting off fireworks (or anyone doing so on this day), and the timing of the ORBS appearance, seems inexplicable. Their substantial change in direction within a minute of our observing them is equally uncanny... they seemed to be watching us.

The transitioning lights were not beams of light shining down onto the earth nor into the sky; there were No traces in the slightly misty air. The 'entire' objects were clearly glowing, as opposed to lights on the objects; this is unusual.

Just before I showed up to light off the fireworks, (the others had arrived at the clearing about 5 minutes before me), my daughter was explaining to one of the pilots about how her dad was very interested in the subject of UFOs. They were joking of course about it all and then, this new experience occurred. Also, one of the fireworks pieces was called 'alien invasion' and my wife was calling out to bring on the aliens, in gesture only. Very weird coincidences indeed.

All this was a very real experience that can be confirmed by all present. The three children were unfortunately quite upset and frightened by the sighting. It took us a few hours to calm them afterwards and convince them of some alternate acceptable explanation for all this.