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Occurred : 1/2/2011 19:12 (Entered as : 1/2/11 19:12)
Reported: 1/2/2011 6:51:45 PM 18:51
Posted: 1/5/2011
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Shape: Diamond
Duration:0ver 15 min
Many lights moving in close formation. then going in differnt directions. VERY bright red lights

Witnessed 5 or 6 srange craft in the northern sky flying in close formation. All of the sudden the changed direction. all going in different direction, quickly. many other cars on the road must have seen the same thing because they put on their brakes and pulled over to the side of the road. while I am writing this to you we still have two VERY bright red lights in the northern sky.

I have never seen something this brilliant red. While observing them with binoculars, another light flew down near the others. Like it was going to close to the ground. We have seen many small aircraft all the time and if this was one it would have crashed into the ground. The sighting is still going on while I am writing you. The sky seems wery active tonight and we are continuing to see more strange things. the time started around 7:00 pm and it is now 7:43. Again the objects were too close to all be aircraft because they looked like they would have colided in mid air. Then very suddenly the moved very quickly. There must be more witnesses from the reaction of the cars pulling over to the side of the road.