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Occurred : 12/21/2010 02:00 (Entered as : 12/21/2010 2:00)
Reported: 1/2/2011 7:08:42 PM 19:08
Posted: 1/5/2011
Location: Exeter, NE
Shape: Sphere
Duration:3 hours
In a rural area, a rotating sphere with red, green, and other colored lights was sighted about 700 feet above the ground in the southwestern sky.

The viewers noticed this craft from a second story farmhouse window on the night of the solar eclipse. The UFO was guessed to be a 30 minute drive from their home.

They are familiar with planets such a Jupiter (which is currently shining in the southwestern sky at this time.) The craft hovered for over three hours. The viewers were frightened and did not attempt to get in a vehicle to drive closer for a better view. They did, however, use binoculars in their attempt to describe the craft. It was, as stated to me, definitely a sphere, definitely rotating, possessing colored lights around its perimeter, and it maintained a consistent altitude.

The 40 year old daughter saw the craft, after nearly three hours of viewing....simply VANISH into thin air.

What is the credibility of these witnesses? All four have bachelor/masters degrees. They are intelligent, "sensible", low key individuals who do not wish to be interviewed or identified. They notified me because I share an interest in the night sky. I can think of no family as credentialed or credible as this family. The veracity of their statments is beyond question.