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Sighting Report
Occurred : 3/15/2007 14:00 (Entered as : 03/15/2007 14:00)
Reported: 1/7/2011 8:26:18 PM 20:26
Posted: 1/31/2011
Location: Tucson, AZ
Shape: Circle
Duration:15 minutes
typical saucer shaped craft Stationery in the sky appearing to be watching military air show.

I can’t give the exact date, but can give you an approximate date because it was during spring training baseball in Tucson. There also was an airshow going on at nearby Davis- Monthan Air Force Base. The year was 2007.

My husband, son and I were watching the game, but were distracted by the air show when I noticed idle in the sky between the parks we were at and the airshow was a disk. I got my son and husband’s attention to see what I was seeing. Both watched with me for several minutes. I then turned to a neighbor to the left of me to take a look. When I turned back to see the UFO it was not visible.

I have to go back a second to tell you that I was thinking to myself, "I see you."

It was not visible to me the rest of the game and so my attention was drawn back to the game. A couple of hours later we walked back to our car out in the lot and began our drive back home. We went on with the rest of our day and there was really no other conversation about what we’d seen.

Sometime in the very early hours of the morning, I was awakened by a lime green light in my face. I was aware that I had been sound asleep and now I was seeing something that made no sense to me. It had writing along the edge of it. It seemed to be suspended at head level with me. I could not make out the symbols. The light seemed to have formed the size and shape of a VCR. I sat looked to the right of me where my husband was sleeping soundly to see where I was just to get my bearings. The clock was where it was supposed to be, and then I looked to the foot of my bed toward the right where the t.v. sat with its light in the lower corner. Both the clock and t.v. were red yet what I was seeing was lime fluorescent green.

I then looked slightly to the left at the foot of my bed and saw that there were 3 small people standing there and one more standing a bit further to the right of the rest. I have an executive height dresser which sat behind them so I could gauge the height of these little people. Not one was a full head higher than my dresser.

I felt a bit unnerved by this time and turned back toward my husband and wrapped my arms around him and went to sleep. I didn’t know if they stayed or left and really wanted to feel safe.

The next morning very early my son and I went out to the car, the morning dew was still on the window where I saw an unusual hand print of what I only can guess was a thumbprint of some sort and 3 fingers imprinted on the window behind the driver’s seat. My son and I both looked at it and then looked toward the west where we were met with a very, very bright white light. So bright it frightened me. I put my arm around my son and led him back into the house. He had seen it also.

Since that time, we have had occasion to feel some very subtle sensations in our bodies. I was unaware that my son had a visit from these little people, but he claimed to have had something that woke him too. I never asked him what all he had experienced that night.

Interestingly enough I called my daughter in the bay area to tell her what had happened. She was in disbelief of course until I told her about the fluorescent green light when she said to me, “mom you aren’t going to believe this, but there was a green light in my room for just a fraction of a second”.

I felt that I should say something as time will inevitably fade my memory of events.

I suppose it sounds a bit corny to add that I feel we are looked in on from time to time as I believe this area to be somewhat of a hotbed of activity.

We were still very new to this area and I always wondered if they were curious or keeping track of the amount of new population growth in this area, but I speculate. I really have no idea why they were here, but I do know that they were able to keep watch of me at the game, follow me to my car, follow us home and know exactly where I sat in the car and furthermore knew I knew they were aware of me as much as I was aware of them.

I don’t have anything else to add, but am unafraid of any repercussions.

I do not drink or take drugs and I’m not crazy. The story you’ve read is my account of the events that occurred to the best of my recollection.