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Occurred : 1/10/2011 18:35 (Entered as : 01/10/11 18:35 PM)
Reported: 1/10/2011 5:36:03 PM 17:36
Posted: 1/31/2011
Location: Madison, WI
Shape: Oval
Duration:15 seconds
hovering object with bright lights in sky- suddenly disappears

Riding in car with 17 year old daughter, turned corner and my daughter said "do you see what I see" I had seen lights out of the corner of my eye, I looked up and in the sky right in front of us was an aircraft with green and white lights in an oval shape. I suddenly sped up because I started thinking in was something stuck in the power lines cuz it made no logical sense the way it was hovering. I felt like something was going to fall on us or suck us up. I drove past 2 or 3 houses on the street and pulled into a driveway to look back at it and it was gone. I turned and drove back under where it was because I couldn't believe it and there was nothing in the sky