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Occurred : 1/12/2011 08:52 (Entered as : 01/12/11 8:52)
Reported: 1/12/2011 11:22:07 AM 11:22
Posted: 1/31/2011
Location: San Jose, CA
Shape: Fireball
Duration:90 seconds
red/gray "fireball" in San Jose, Ca 1/12/11

Location: San Jose, CA Evergreen Time: 08:52am Weather: Clear skies Object: red/gray orb Angle from horizon: Approx. 60-70 deg.

Flight path: Approx: East to West with a slight arc upwards at the end.

I observed red fireball in the sky, that changed size and brightness. It appeared to “flare up” to a bright reddish ball about twice the size of Jupiter, then would lose luminosity and size to become a dull red color and about the size of Jupiter. Even more interesting it would shrink down to about half the size of Jupiter, turn a dull gray color, and looked almost oval. It repeated this pattern several times before slightly arching upwards, then it sort of faded out of sight in approx. 10 sec.

The entire sighting lasted 90 sec. My mother observed this as well but didn’t want to report this herself (sorry Mr. davenport). What appered to be a Southwest passenger jet was in the air at this time. My phone camera could not pick up the object.

I am a father of two kids, a homeowner, and a logical person. I have no reason to lie, and only reporting this because I’ve seen these "fireballs" about 15 times through the summer of 2010. I just want to know what they are. I doubt I will find out though.