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Sighting Report
Occurred : 1/15/2011 22:40 (Entered as : 01/15/11 22:40)
Reported: 1/17/2011 9:00:38 AM 09:00
Posted: 1/31/2011
Location: Northfield Falls, VT
Shape: Fireball
Duration:5 - 10 minutes
Fireballs in the sky

We had a small dusting of snow earlier in the day, I was outside cleaning off the car to go pick up dinner.

While I was cleaning off the car I saw two balls of light in the distance floating from the South East towards the North West direction.

My initial thought was the local military college doing some type of night training with their helicopter, but as they neared there was no sound. Then their formation changed, the one in the lead stopped and the one in the back circled around to the front. At this point I could see they appeared more as giant balls of flame and not a light emitted from a bulb or another like source. They continued one slowly with a slowly side to side swaying and then the one in the lead stopped and the one in the back circled around to the front, so now they are in the original formation. They backed up slightly.

I yelled to my wife for her to some see what I was observing. She came out and observed the balls of fire. It was at this time we noticed another coming from the original direction. When my wife went inside to grab the camera I looked back at the first two, they had started to "burn out" like two large candles losing the last of their burn, I watched them completely fade and then turned my attention back to the third object.

My wife struggled with the camera (it was new and she was not sure how to get the to video setting) at this time a fourth object came from the same area, my wife was able to get a good idea of where it had come from and tried to record video, she instead got a photo. The third object had burned out so we watched the fourth she had exclaimed that there was another rising up. I was able to observe the trajectory the object, it rose at an angle greater then 45 degrees, more like 50-60 and seemed to plateau out at a certain altitude and continue on in the same direction as the others.

Each ball headed in the same direction North-west but took different paths there, we watched the leading object burn out and another rise up shortly after. We were quickly up to the sixth object, the fourth had burned out and the fifth was almost burnt out. My wife had got the camera to the video setting and started to record. I got on the phone and called my sister (she lives in the same town) I got her to go outside and she too observed the lights. When my wife and I saw the seventh rise up my sister verified she saw it rise up too.

Again each object took its own unique path and was changing direction, stopping, slowing down, speeding up all without making a noise. I told my sister to get her husband and try to get him to see them too! When i got off the phone with her i called my father (lives a few towns over) and tried to see if he could see them, by this time we where onto our ninth object on the rise. My wife stopped filming we have about 3 minutes of video. The ninth one moved much slower and had taken a drastically different path, it headed more towards our house (West By North-West) it lowered slightly. We could really make out what appeared to be the flame much better.

My wife was slightly panicked by the ninth object and its almost curious nature about us. Looking at the time on my phone i realized we need to go get our dinner (they close at 9 on the dot and it was quickly closing in on that time) I continued the conversation with my father (he was unable to see them) while we pulled out of our driveway, we watched the eighth object start to burn out and the ninth change its path back to a North-West one like the others.

While on the way into town we saw the 10th one rise up and start on the North-West path of the others. We grabbed our dinner as quickly as we could, upon returning home the event had stopped.

Our video can be seen on the forums here under the video section.