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Occurred : 1/21/2011 06:00 (Entered as : 01/21/11 6:00)
Reported: 1/21/2011 7:53:22 AM 07:53
Posted: 1/31/2011
Location: Harvard, IL
Shape: Other
Duration:30 min
Northern Illinois 2 lighted objects, one w/multiple bright lights, one spherical lowering in the sky

I awoke this morning about 5:45 and thought I saw the glow of the full moon. I looked to the west from my window and saw bright lights thru the trees. It seemed very unusual and low. I thought it could be a meteor. If it was, it would not be good as it was low and very large. I woke up my husband and brought him to the window. By then it was gone. We looked out a window facing to the southeast and saw the object, only a few moments transpired between sighting it in the west and then sighting it in the southeast. It was much higher and further away at this point.

We observed lights, sometimes multiple and could see another shape, elongated which we thought might be the glow from the lights. As the object turned this second shape moved in different directions, at first on its right, then on its left and then below the very bright glowing lights. We found our binoculars. We observed that at times we saw three very bright lights from the object, then it would shift and we would see six or more. The second object moved further below the first one. It was a sphere, with lights, they could have been windows.

When we first observed this object, there were airplanes in the area. We are about 50 miles north and west of O'Hare airport. While this is a busy time for a large airport, other than one airplane seen early on, no other planes were observed in the area. We watched this for about 40 minutes. Dawn was approaching. I went down stairs to let our dog out. The object had moved much further away and higher. Within minutes it was gone.

I have wondered who to contact and came across your sight. I hope if others witnessed this occurance they will report it. I watched videos on other sites. One video I believe from Columbia showed the second object we saw perfectly. Other sites showed the lights of the first craft.