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Occurred : 7/1/2009 21:00 (Entered as : 07/01/09 21:00)
Reported: 2/26/2011 12:50:19 AM 00:50
Posted: 3/10/2011
Location: New Albany, IN
Shape: Unknown
Duration:10 minutes
A night out driving turned moment of awe thanks to moving lights above the trees.

I was driving home through New Albany, a city I lived in and know well and was crossing a well travelled intersection one night. I had the windows to my Jeep down because my air conditioner needed to be charged. I was sober and 19 years old. I was going to university in the city and I went to see a relative. I left her house by myself on a very cool night. It was breezy and balmy so having the windows down felt good. It may have stormed. I drove my Jeep through New Albany and ended up driving north on Silver St. at around 9:00pm that night and came to the intersection of Ekin Ave. I came to a stop and found the two red flashing “STOP” lights working as usual that night except there were more this time. More lights. I slowed down because I was so engaged with what was rows of lights that dove so low over that intersection, after this craft slid over my head, the small one story houses and their trees ended up hiding them. It was semi quiet and LOW. Very low.! Nobody else was around and I drove on Ekin, following in my Jeep and the craft flew over a bank of trees southeast, in front of a home no less, when I assume it headed for the river. I couldn’t drive as fast as I’d have liked but I tried to catch up and couldn’t. I called 911 in two counties and asked if they had gotten any calls, they had nothing and told me to call the airport. The airport hadn’t heard or seen anything but I know what I saw. I think I even called the news station. They took my story but didn’t care. I made a point to exhaust all avenues but no one else saw it. The sky at the intersection that night was dark and it was breezy. Pulling up to the STOP became something else entirely. These lights were bulbs (?) of some sort and they lined the bottom side of the craft. As the craft flew over the intersection of Silver St. and Ekin Ave. its underbelly was flat with three red orbs as lights or something else? I pulled up and noticed the craft as I stopped and s! lowed to a halt as I looked at it cross over my head and down ! Ekin Ave nue. That is when I began trying to follow it. It was probably headed to Ft. Knox. When I say “craft? I assume it was all attached. It was above me and moving but the lights seemed anchored somehow. Positioned. There were no aircraft in the sky and if there were they wouldn't be that low. When I called the airport I told them it flew "as the low as the treetops" when they said they had heard nothing. The airway into Louisville goes over the city. This 40ft(?) craft was over New Albany, IN, headed southeast down the river. Towards someplace else.

((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))