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Sighting Report
Occurred : 6/14/1992 00:45 (Entered as : 06/14/92 0:45)
Reported: 3/5/2011 9:52:33 PM 21:52
Posted: 3/10/2011
Location: Maryville, TN
Shape: Cylinder
Duration:20 minutes
Unusual Aircraft near the Secret City

Hello, I live close to the secret city in Tennessee. I and many members of my family have witnessed unusual looking aircraft. When I was 9 years old while we were moving from Wears Valley to Gatlinburg my mom and 2 of my sisters was traveling in one of our automobiles ahead of my dad and myself in the moving truck, when right above us crossing the mountain about 500 foot above all of us were 3 circular shaped aircraft with multi colored lighting.

Then when I was 12 years old me and my nephew and niece were running home from a friends house a couple streets down from the street we were living at the time as we had stayed out after curfew, approximately 5 minutes from house to house, when a triangle shaped aircraft appeared just above the tree line over road and multi light beams were hitting everywhere and time seemed to slow way down or stopped as I remember we were running but not gaining ground. We arrived home later than we should have and we escaped puni! shment for telling what had happened and my parents told us not to mention what happened to anyone.

Years past as they do and I went to work in supervisory positions at the main airport here near the Secret City. One night while I was relieved from duty at around midnight and after completing authorized paperwork at around 12:45 am I proceeded home, I noticed what seemed to be construction going on the second set of RR tracts I had to cross nightly going home, as I approached what I thought was a crane holding up a lighted tubular object with spheres on both ends over the tracks was in fact a very unusual aircraft, I stopped to look at this aircraft and began to get out of my car when it turned toward me and I looked straight at the pilot of the tubular shaped aircraft with sphere's on both ends and the cockpit was lit up as I saw the pilot clear as day, as I was approximately 50 feet from aircraft, he was as human as you and I Caucasian in color. He wore a black uniform ! with a black military or swat team type cap on his head, I did not exit vehicle as the pilot was smiling at me and the hairs on the back of my neck stood up and the voice inside me said I should not have seen this aircraft and to leave as fast as possible.

I drove off and on straight-aways hit 70 to 90 mph. I had to turn left at a stop sign and then had to cross adjoining RR tracts to get to the road I live on at the time. I came to the road where I had to slow to turn right and something told me to stop and look to my right left, the aircraft had followed me almost to my home and was hovering in the cow pasture were I was planning to turn right next to my home. I could not move I had to stay there and observe this aircraft, it then started moving backwards and at a tremendous amount of speed crossed the pasture and shot almost vertical into the clouds and from where I was sitting to the end of the pasture were it shot up took about 2 seconds and traveled about a mile. I had always thought if I was in a position to investigate an unidentified! flying aircraft I would do so, but I tell you until you are faced with the decision I was faced with at that time and the feelings that came across me, you cannot say you could have exited the car and tried to make contact. I have held many prestigious positions of authority and I have seen Black Helicopters’ with no markings in our mountain areas from the secret base, I have walked beside wild bears here, but I had never felt what I felt that night. The aircraft seemed to use a magnetic source to travel as it made no sounds while in operation, also given its shape it would have to use magnetic sources of travel. I was born with an I.Q. of 186 and I investigate everything someone tells me or I hear on the television, I am skeptical of almost everyone and what they are telling me and I advise everyone reading to do the same and not just believe what everyone says, as what you will learn from investigating what you see or hear will make you a much more productive person in o! ur society, I have found through my investigations what could ! not be r eal in most cases has been, and what seemed so simple turned out to be something more integral in design.