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Occurred : 6/1/1996 14:00 (Entered as : 1996 14:00)
Reported: 3/31/2011 12:55:05 AM 00:55
Posted: 4/3/2011
Location: Lakebay, WA
Shape: Triangle
Duration:3-5 minutes
Two contact incidents of Black, Shiny, Triangular Craft that hovered just above tree line emitting low hum.

I never thought to report this incident as I always assumed that what I saw back in 1996 was just some type of top secret Department of Defense aircraft. But now all these years later I wonder if what I actually saw on that day was man-made or possibly alien.

I had come back from our little rural grocery store after spending the day at the lake with my children and a neighbor child. I was driving down the country two lane road in my little Toyota car and was about a block before my property when I noticed a strange object hovering almost tree level above my neighbor’s mobile home which sat on 5 wooded acres of land. The tops of the trees were moving violently like they do in a strong wind storm. I was baffled over what it could be and immediately stopped the car in the middle of the road. I was about 200 feet away and looking up at it through my windowshield. It was large, completely black and triangular in appearance. It hovered completely still over the property, but I detected a strange humming noise coming from its direction. It appeared very flat on the bottom from the angle I was looking at it. I was then stunned to see a huge intense white/light blue beam turn on suddenly pointing directly down on the neighbors home. I can! not give an exact width of this beam because of my distance, but it may have been anywhere between 10 to 20 feet wide. Even with the trees the craft was very visible. It hovered over the neighbors home for about a minute.

The four children in the car with me were; my 3 year old son in the front passenger seat, along with my 5 year old daughter, 13 year old daughter and 13 year old neighbor girl in the back seats. They wanted to know why I had stopped the car and I pointed at the craft excitedly. They got very excited when they saw it and rolled down the car windows. At this point the craft turned off the beam and slowly turned, like on pivot, until one of the points of the triangle was facing in our direction. At this time it smoothly flew toward us and stopped directly over the car hovering just above the tree line. The kids were hanging out the window very excited asking me what it was. I didn’t know what to tell them and told them to stay in the car and not open the doors. I did not feel any heat or wind from the craft as it hovered above my car, but the tree tops swung wildly.

It was so glossy and black underneath almost like a mirror, but nothing reflected back at it, not the car or trees or road below it. I saw no propellers, engines or helicopter like blades on the craft. The bottom was very smooth and shiny, like glass. The humming noise coming from it, as it hovered above our car, was the lowest note I have ever heard in my life and I am a musician. It felt like it was penetrating every part of my body with its low hum. I felt like my teeth were vibrating inside my head. The hum was very powerful and it caused vibrations, it felt like I was inside a huge amplifier. All the junk that I had on the dashboard, sunglasses, snacks, little toys for the kids etc. started to bounce around from the vibration that the hum was creating.

The craft hovered above us for a couple minutes then it simply pivoted with one of the points of the triangle pointing down the side street , then proceeded in the direction that the triangular point was now facing and then slowly started to pick up speed. When it flew away it moved like it was under water. It is hard to describe this movement, but it went up and down three times in a graceful smooth wavelike motion as it was flying away, kind of like the motion of a large sea creature underwater. The tree tops swayed violently as it passed over them. When it got to the end of the block, it suddenly picked up great speed skirting just above the tree line and was gone.

At this point I was really excited and a little shocked too at what I had just witnessed, so I drove quickly home which only took about half a minute. My husband was there with some friends rewiring our house and we excitedly told everybody what we had just seen and asked if they had seen the strange craft too. They thought we were joking and no one believed us. I insisted that what I saw was real. Just for my credibility, I do not drink alcohol or a use drugs, so was not hallucinating. I could not make any of the people present at my house believe what I had just seen and was very surprised that none of them had seen the craft either, although they were all inside working at the time. My husband thought I had put the kids up to ‘a little joke’ on Dad about UFO’s.

Fast forward to the very next morning, my husband had gone down to the small town store early around 7am. He came back from the store and woke me up as I was still asleep all excited and saying, “Honey, I saw it too! I completely believe you now!” Apparently, he had just gone down to the store and had to use the payphone, we did not have a cell phone at this time. In the middle of his phone call he heard this very loud sound with a low hum. He noticed that the phone booth, one of those old ones with glass side windows was vibrating. He looked around for the culprit of this annoying noise, because he could not hear the person who he was talking to. He was going to tell this inconsiderate person to please turn off their vehicle so he could complete his phone call. But, there were no other vehicles in the parking lot except his truck which was turned off. That is when he looked up and saw that exact same black, shiny triangular craft hovering above him and the store. He stated ! that he believes it was at least 50 feet from point to point, and possibly as much as 70 feet. He was so shocked to see it, but believes it was longer than the width of our house which is 48 feet. He is a general contractor so is pretty good at judging distances, but of course he joked later that even with his tape measure it would have been inadequate to measure the craft as he was shaking so badly from the shock of seeing it. He saw no engines, propellers or blades either and could not figure out how it could just hover like that completely still. It stayed above him and the store for a minute and then pivoted on its triangular point and flew off over the bay.

Both of these incidents happened in broad daylight. For years we believed they were just top secret aircraft from nearby McChord Air Force Base, now we are not so sure, as no one we know has ever seen anything like this before. Anyway that is my story of the day I meet the strange mysterious black, shiny craft. Oh and by the way, it was absolutely beautiful like obsidian.

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date of the sighting in 1996 is approximate. PD))