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Occurred : 5/3/2011 23:00 (Entered as : 05/03/2011 23:00)
Reported: 5/4/2011 11:15:53 AM 11:15
Posted: 5/12/2011
Location: Armagh (Ireland),
Shape: Sphere
Duration:5 Seconds
2 balls of light moving at extremely high speed very close over head, silently.

I'm not sure if there were 2 UFO's or if they were linked, they flew side by side around 15ft apart, the had a dim, yellow, blue light emitting from them. They were spear shaped and very very close, they were around 100ft above us.

The object/objects were moving at an extremely high rate of speed, nothing that I have seen before, they were traveling over 1000 MPH which is staggering when you think about it.

We were in my sister's back garden sky watching when all of a sudden my girlfriend spotted something in the sky, I looked up and spotted 2 spear shaped lights moving along side each other as if they were linked but I'm pretty sure that they were 2 separate objects.

They were a yellow/blue colour and what shocked me and my girlfriend was the speed that they were going, we only seen it for 5 seconds max before they disappeared.

We have seen many UFO's but nothing ever like this, it was like something straight out of a science fiction movie, every hair on my body was standing and my heart was near pumping out of my chest.

I'm thinking about purchasing a StarLight night vision unit to help me record these objects, it was identical to the objects in this video only moving at a much higher rate of speed in what seemed right above us without making a noise.

I thought it best to report this to see if anyone else has seen anything similar, I can't stop thinking about it, oh and we were also using a laser pointer in the sky that night, maybe they were checking us out? I'm not sure but it was an amazing experience.

Thank You