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Occurred : 7/20/1997 23:30 (Entered as : 07/20/97 23:30)
Reported: 5/10/2011 1:51:53 PM 13:51
Posted: 5/12/2011
Location: Beaver Island, MI
Shape: Triangle
Duration:5 - 10 min.
Myself and a relative witness a strange craft while stargazing on a small island in lake michigan.

U.F.O Sighting My Story: I would like to preface my experience by stating emphatically, “this is the absolute truth, I have no interest in mocking this subject or those whom may have had similar experiences.

When I was 17 my cousin and I were interested in armature astronomy. Our parents had purchased each of us new telescopes for Christmas that year. We use to memorize all the constellations and view the night sky together occasionally. That summer our families were vacationing at my parents’ cottage on Beaver Island MI. We had supposed that the latitude of the island, being farther north than our regular homes, would allow us to see the aurora. The night in question she and I went down to Donegal bay to view the aurora. The beach faced west toward a smaller uninhabited island called High Island. We were told that the best way to see the aurora from the island was to look northwest between 10:30 and 2:00. We set up our telescopes on a small dune – grass mound about 40 yards from the shore, slightly elevated, and close to the car. We did in fact see the aurora that night; it was a shimmering folded mass of light in the very upper atmosphere. It was not to be confused ! with what happened after about an hour of our beach sky watching.

High Island is roughly 3-4 miles from where we were sitting on the hood of my parents' old station wagon. While watching the sky and chatting with my cousin, I saw what looked like a fire on High Island. It was definitely at the level of the water, and it silently erupted into a long line of fire red light. In fact I was alarmed, I could not tell if it was on the island itself or over the water (the light was coming from High Island bay at the north east end of High Island). Initially I thought perhaps either the island was burning, or one of the passing ships had an accident and was in flames. The light started as a small point like a bon fire on the shore and rapidly grew into a long line of connected orbs like a great burning dragon. I think the ambiguity I saw was because of the distance, the truth of what it was became evident shortly. I was so alarmed at this point I tried to use the old style cell phone we had in the car to call the sheriff and report a fire! on High Island. However, when I tried to use the phone there was oddly no signal. Later that night, when we returned to the cottage, we called the Charlevoix fire dept., and tried to report what we saw but were dismissed.

After perhaps five minutes the string of light started to raise itself above the water level in the distance. It was a very quiet night and I heard no sound from this U.F.O. Then it very gracefully started getting closer to our position on the beach, and we started getting very scared. It came slowly toward us, and as it ventured closer we could see that it was a machine. The water was flat and calm, it was a dark night and the only light came from the craft. It was definitely a machine. Its proportions were symmetrical, and its hull was black. Image, if you will, standing on a large beach on a quite night and seeing this machine quietly coming over the water directly toward you slowly. It was frightening for me; in fact I can remember crouching next to the car while gazing up at it as it passed directly overhead. It was moving slowly, perhaps 15 -20 miles an hour. It was perhaps 150 feet above us, not far above the trees as it passed south east over Beaver Island! . When it was directly overhead I could hear a faint humming, and felt a strange tingling, maybe the craft maybe my nerves? These figures are estimates. I believe it was fairly large perhaps 50 yards across its lower aspect. It was a perfect equilateral triangle, and I mean each of the three sides was approximately 50 yards across. The red lights were in fact three reddish - purple spheres each placed at the points of the triangle. The center of this appeared somewhat domed, not like the typical U.F.O curvature though. It was shaped as if someone made a very gradual domed pancake like structure in the Y axis and an equilateral triangle in the x axis. I wish I could have had a better look at it, but it was pitch black and the lighted structures within it obscured more detail in that setting. The sound it made was only audible when it was directly overhead, and it was a very faint, rhythmic, low frequency humming. I have never heard anything quite like it and have d! ifficulty comparing it to anything. It was vaguely like the s! ound you hear when you drop something very heavy on well compacted soil. From the moment we saw it start moving in our direction to the moment it passed over the trees on the bluffs behind the bay it moved slowly and very steadily. Its course did not vary one millimeter, it flew straight and true. I was absolutely amazed that it flew overhead. I believe whoever was in control of that craft was aware of our presence.

Immediately after it had passed my cousin and I were wired, scared and exited we drove back to the cottage to report the events to our families. We explained what had happened and the reaction was obvious disbelief. My mother kept trying to convince me I had seen an air plane or something like that. The fact is I grew up around airplanes, my grandfather, and father are both private pilots. In fact to get to Beaver Island we would fly over the lake in one of their planes. I was flying in airplanes since I was an infant. I use to help my grandfather Windex every square inch of his airplane at my uncle’s airport. I can say with absolute certainty that this was not an airplane. This vehicle was not held aloft by aerodynamic means, nor was it propelled by forcing air or any other matter in a vectored manner. It was a craft half the size of a football field that moved so quietly you could hear a pin drop standing 150 feet below it.

I know people believe my story is absurd. In fact, whenever I mention this to my cousin she gets nervous and suppresses the memory. I believe she is afraid of this event. I think it was more traumatic for her than I. I know in my heart that these beings were aware of our presence, and if they wished us any ill will I would not be alive right now. There was no one else on the bay that night except us, and we could have disappeared without a trace if that was their intention. Whoever they were I know they are kind and intelligent. They are aware enough of our human culture to recognize two youths alone on the beach with telescopes trying to understand the universe in our own small way. It is my belief that they wanted to show us some kindness, and inspire us by flying by. They gave me just enough proof to believe in the possibilities. They could have chosen 359 other degrees to fly along, but for some reason they flew along the one that led over our heads. No pun in! tended.

In conclusion, I would like to thank you for this forum to report my experience. It changed my life, and I always wanted to share this with someone who would be receptive to the possibility. I wish I could give you my details, but understand your concerns for privacy. I know I have no proof to offer you, but on further reflection you may wish to investigate the Beaver Island Moon Rocks. They are a group of stones carved in some language that predates the Native American’s, who had no written language anyway, and glow at night. They are on Beaver Island and are said to be involved in several plane crashes. Apparently the tribes that found them used the rocks for rituals such as the birth, death, marriage stones etc…. Beaver Island has many strange historical characteristics, it may be related.

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date of the sighting is approximate. PD))