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Occurred : 5/12/2011 12:25 (Entered as : 05/12/11 12:25)
Reported: 5/12/2011 6:32:48 PM 18:32
Posted: 5/29/2011
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Shape: Oval
Duration:5 minutes
flying golf ball like objects over Phoenix

Has anyone reported anything in the Phoenix Arizona area today ? ( 5/12/2011) .

I work in South Phoenix and I thaught I saw a couple of white round independantly flying thingies.

They were round like golf balls and appeared above the flight path of airplanes .

That refference is because they were above the afternoon flight path from Sky Harbor Airport ( planes flying east to west) .

I had just finished lunch at work and was taking my lunch bag to my vehicle around 12:25 give or take. I looked up and the flying thingies seemed to move about in odd slow patterns like fish would move in an aquarium nice and mellow

I worrk aprox 7th av and I 17