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Occurred : 6/2/2011 22:30 (Entered as : 6/2/2011 22:30)
Reported: 6/3/2011 12:36:43 PM 12:36
Posted: 6/3/2011
Location: Carthage, TN
Shape: Light
Duration:approx 5 seconds
Yellow ball of light appears then fades away over Carthage, Tennessee

My husband and I were sitting on the roof of our current home, we were looking at the stars and watching airplanes go by over head.

At approximately 10:30 p.m. (central time)we were looking to the south, south east, right above the tree line and suddenly a bright ball of yellow light appears, out of no where. There were several airplanes (commercial jets) in the distance and the bright ball of light was much larger and brighter than those of the airplanes. The airplane lights were blinking red and blue but the ball of light did not blink.

It appeared from the south west and quickly moved to the east before fading out and completely disappearing. The ball of light simply faded out but not as if had gone so far in the distance that we could no longer see it. It was more like watching a flash light fade from loss of battery power.

The ball of light was probably close to a mile away but no where near as high up in the sky as the airplanes. My husband saw the ligh! t as well as my 9 year old daughter and our room mate. The ball of light only appears for 5-7 seconds before fading away.

The object has appeared for the last 4 nights in a row. The object always appears around 10:30 p.m. central time. It generally appears in the south east, just above the tree line and moves eastward before disappearing. Sometimes the object is higher in the sky than others and sometimes the object moves quicker than others. We could hear NO sounds of helicopters or jet engines (and as you know, the sound of helicopter propellers and jet engines can be heard for miles away).

We (the witnesses) tried to come up with a logical explanation, but the light was like nothing any of us has ever seen before. The area that the ball of light seems to be flying above is an extremely rural area. The area has a lot of farm land, wooded areas and hills. On the third night that the ball of light was seen ( 6/1/2011), the object appeared, out of no where at 10:26 p.m. central time, it hovered then flew to the east before fading then r! eturned approximately 45 minutes later from the south west.

The object appeared as it had the nights before only this time, instead of flying eastward above the tree line, it flew eastward then dipped down behind the tree line and faded away. We could catch glimpses of the light as it flew behind the tree line through the trees, then it simply faded away and vanished. The ball of light flies faster than a jet plane at a very high altitude, but not so fast that it looks like a streak of light. It is very startling. We have caught the object on a digital camera twice, when zoomed in, the ball of light turns from yellowish to an orange/yellow color. It is a very bright light but almost looks foggy or dull at the same time.It is very hard to explain. As I said before,the light is much larger than that of the commercial planes you see in the sky. In the second photo we captured, you can see the object and off to the right you can see the red blinking lights of an airplane. You can clearl! y see the contrast between the two. The ball of light is much more visible than the lights from the air plane. We are completely baffled and somewhat disturbed from this sighting. We are hoping someone can give us some answers, or a logical explanation. I got on the internet and looked up ufo sightings in Tennessee. I found several video clips of the same thing that we are seeing. One video clip was found on Youtube and it was recorded in Kingsport Tennessee. We also found another video on Youtube, recorded over a Holiday Inn in Tennessee. The only difference between what we are seeing and the objects captured on video is that the ball of light captured on the videos is hovering instead of flying. However, the ball of light captured on the videos also appears out of no where then fades out before vanishing. Please help us find out what this is!