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Occurred : 6/28/2011 23:00 (Entered as : 6/28/2011 23:00)
Reported: 6/29/2011 9:32:52 AM 09:32
Posted: 7/4/2011
Location: Lemont, IL
Shape: Sphere
Duration:30 minutes
Very bright light in heavily travelled airspace

I am a private pilot, flying out of KMDW, and know how to recoginize aircraft.

While sitting on my porch with my wife last night a very bright and large object was spotted in the NW hemisphere travelling SE at an approx altitude of 10,000 ft.

The object appeared to be large in size and brilliant white. No flashing lights nor red or green indicators. The light was visible from all angles.

Object moved in a straight path and did not make noise. Approx speed 300kts.

Ten minutes later a similar object was observed at a very high altitude, therefore smaller in size, travelling south to north.

Ten minutes later, at same altitude west to east - these last two observations could have been satellites.

First object spotted slowly dimmed then disappeared, no clouds observed.

((NUFORC Note: Could not have been ISS at 23:00 hrs.. PD))