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Sighting Report
Occurred : 7/3/2011 03:00 (Entered as : 7/3/2011 3)
Reported: 7/3/2011 2:54:43 AM 02:54
Posted: 7/4/2011
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Shape: Other

I called about a month ago to report what appeared to be three strange lights visible in the night sky that myself and a few neighbors noticed at about 3 am for a few nights consecutively. I could make out three lights in what i would say were in a formation with the center light blinking rapidly.

It was obvious to me that these lights did not originate from any aircraft known to me i automatically called 911 and was told there were other confirmed reports of these lights as well as my own report.

It has been a month now and i have experienced lapses in time between the hours of 3 am onward and after a few strange dreams i woke up with a numbness in my right hand. This IS NOT an attempt to hoax.

I am very frightened to have discovered an object about a half centimeter underneath the skin of my right thumb (second knuckle) and i have no recollection of having ever noticed it before. I dont know what to make of it.

I am going to go to a hospital to arrange for it to be removed. The object is dark and from what i can see about the size of an apple seed. I can see it because of its dark color and closeness to the surface of my skin but it is an object that I can feel by pushing down on the area.

I dont know what this is but it was never there before all of these strange incidents began to occur.

I have not seen the lights since my last report