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Occurred : 7/3/2011 01:00 (Entered as : 7/3/11 1:00)
Reported: 7/4/2011 10:31:42 PM 22:31
Posted: 7/6/2011
Location: Crete, IL
Shape: Sphere
Duration:2 minutes
Orange Spheres over Crete, IL

After returning home from work I was relaxing on my deck with a friend when I spotted an orange sphere moving over the tree line towards us from the north-northwest sky. The object was a large orange sphere originally moving southward, disappearing behind a very thin, wispy cloud.

After the first sphere disappeared behind the clouds another three orange spheres approached from the same north-northwest direction, arranged in a line that was spaced perfectly apart, moving at the same speed and on the same level.

A bright white flash occurred behind the cloud, followed by the remaining three spheres passing into the cloud, each disappearing with its own flash.

No sounds accompanied the spheres.

There were absolutely no fireworks anywhere in the sky at the time.