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Occurred : 7/25/2011 03:20 (Entered as : 07/25/2011 03:20)
Reported: 7/25/2011 4:06:06 AM 04:06
Posted: 8/7/2011
Location: Seattle, WA
Shape: Fireball
Duration:8 seconds
07/25/2011 03:20AM Green to red fireball sited in Seattle, WA traveling East to West and a large flash of light beyond the horizon

My friend and I were talking in the parking lot of my work near 18th and Cherry. While in conversation my friend began yelling for me to look in the direction behind me. He then ran across the parking lot yelling, "Oh my god" and I ran after him looking in the sky only to see a red tail of what a comet may look like falling from the West to an Eastward direction and it soon disappeared over the horizon of the city. It is a fairly clear night with only a few swiffs of clouds. Tonight the moon and stars can be seen easily past the city lights. The tail end of what I saw was vivid.

My friend described a green fire ball that streaked across the sky changing to the color red.

Approx 1 min later after walking back to where we we're standing and looking in the direction it was traveling we saw a quick flash of bright light above the tree line. The impact had to be several miles away East of Seattle. My best guess would be anywhere from Mercer Island to maybe Issaquah, WA

((NUFORC Note: Meteor? PD))