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Occurred : 7/30/2011 21:18 (Entered as : 07/30/11 21:18)
Reported: 7/31/2011 5:11:27 PM 17:11
Posted: 8/7/2011
Location: Troy, NH
Shape: Oval
Duration:2 minutes
If it looks like the ISS but isn't, what is it?

On July 30, 2011, we were in Troy, NH, sitting at a campfire. At approximately 9:18pm a moving object attracted our attention. It moved at a rate similar to the ISS. It had a greenish tint & was heading northward. There was no sound.

When it was overhead, it suddenly flared in intensity (perhaps 100 times brighter). The flare reminded me of a cat's eye.

Then it faded as it continued northward & disappeared.

(NUFORC Note: Possible flare from an "Iridium" satellite, although such a flare lasts for only a few seconds, and they are white, not green. PD))