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Occurred : 11/1/2010 03:00 (Entered as : 11/2010 3:00)
Reported: 8/14/2011 8:16:31 PM 20:16
Posted: 8/21/2011
Location: Yuma, AZ
Shape: Diamond
Duration:5 minutes
Diamond shaped object, with lights on all 4 points,in the middle was a rim shaped object that resembled a tire hub cap with lights

Hello It was 3:00 am I saw a ball of light moving fast in the sky I stopped at a stop sign and it kept on moving it was very low as high as a street lamp. It suddenly stopped and opened up into a diamond it was then moving forward over all the houses including mine.

I began to turn left on the street right before my block when I turned right on my street it moved slowly past the corner house to the next street of the corner house but still on my block. It came to a slow stop and dangled there in the sky just dangling there over the house I came up to it still driving and rolled down my window to hear if it had some kind of sound it did not have any sound it was flat in the front and back I could see the back because it was very low and while it dangled it moved very slowly from left to right. If I climbed to the top of the house and got a full sized later and climbed to the top of it, I could touch the bottom of the diamond object. It moved as to scope the area out left to r! ight very slowly. I believe it noticed my truck so it kept in the same direction and I can't be sure but I think it flashed at me because I was starring so hard and I startled myself and shook my head and got really scared so I began to move up a little slower and the object began to move forward again now going west but as it moved over all the houses it began to go down even lower and lower behind the houses till I could not see it anymore feeling nervous I parked my truck into the driveway and sat and tried to make sense of what I saw. I immediatley got out ran inside and woke up my family and begged them to believe me and go with me to see if they could see it,as I explained that I think it landed behind the houses in the empty lot or the lot behind walmart it took me a minute to persuade them so one family member said they would go. We hopped in my truck and took off but we were unsucessful in finding it.

It was a diamond in shape it had one big light at the top one big light at the bottom and one big light on both sides (the left a big light and the right a big light).In the middle of the diamond right in the center it looked like a hub cap would to cover the rim of a tire but it had holes (circles) and I could see light coming from the inside. It has been bothering me so I decided to contact your website. I did however report it to the marines here in my town but I never received a call back. Another one of my family member believe they saw the same thing but we can't be sure. If the base has some kind of probe scouting between the hours of 2:00am and 4:00 am they should let the community know so we may have some clarity on what we saw. It was moving very fast when I first noticed it, It was coming from southeast and just all of a sudden changed direction to west.I could not tell if I was moving or the object was moving until I came to the stop sign. It came to a sudden stop after moving terribly fast and just immediately opened up into the diamond shape. Thank You, Can you help? In case your wondering I was coming home from graveyard shift when I saw this. I can get my schedule so I can verify the time.