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Occurred : 7/7/2011 15:45 (Entered as : 07072011 15:45)
Reported: 8/28/2011 11:11:10 PM 23:11
Posted: 10/10/2011
Location: South Padre, TX
Shape: Oval
Duration:15_20 min.
we were on vacation in south padre. myself,son,son in law were on the beach around 2:00am we were looking for blue crabs with a flashlight,we finally got tired and sat on the deck of the hotel by the pool.we meet a guy staying in the hotel and we had some beers talking about where we were from,were from Dallas and he was from FortWorth.he is an attorney.we got to talking, facing the ocean when i noticed a bright light coming from the ocean.i paused and ask him,did you see that bright light?he turned and i saw something coming out of the water, go up into the air,and asked him is that a helicopter or maybe a plain.i told my son and son in law to look up and tell me if what we were looking at was a plain or helicopter.we all staired at the object, it was a white bright light that kept blinking about every 3 seconds it would blink white then turn off.we keept looking at the object go from noth to south in a fast pace. then it came back over the ocean and stoppe! d and on top off the object it turned red.then lights from right to left were blinking. it turned yellow,red, blue, kept flashing the lights at the bottom of the flashed like four or five times,stopped flashing,then turn white on took off went north,stopped and went straight up vertical at a very fast pace,then went in reverse just as quick as it went came back to the same spot over the water, it was flashing the white on top of the craft, then it did the same thing,the top of the craft turned red, then the lights at the bottom of the craft kept flashing underneath .it did this five times.we all just staired at the object. then i asked them are yall looking at the same thing im looking at? we all agreed. and i asked them to tell me what they thought it was and we all agreed that what we were looking at was not a plain or helicopter.the object took off to the north,then shot off.the man we just met at the hotel said he does buisness wit! h clients at lockhead and martin.he said he does not believe i! n "Ufo", but that he has never seen a craft do what this craft did. he also said we dont have the tecnhology to go that fast and go straight up in the air and then go in reverse in an instant. he said a plain would have to make a very large turn to go around.we stayed out there for at least 30 minutes in aww of what we just saw.we were scared and our hearts were beating because we couldnt beleive what we just saw.we stayed out there for about on hour longer just asking our selves what did we just witness.we didnt have our cell phones or a camera to take photos and was hoping someone else on the beach seen the samething or maybe got a photo.the same nite we went back to our rooms woke up our wives to tell them what we just witness,of course they said all yall are just drunk. yall need to go to bed.that nite i didnt sleep a wink, i kept looking up threw the was a feeling like they new we were looking at them.the next morning we were at the pool at the wife said yall ! must of had a good time last nite with all the excitement,being sarcastic.then the man we met at the hotel came up and said he didnt sleep at all. then he told our wives the exact same thing we did.he went into full detail giving them the same info. we did and our wives were in shock.because it was coming from a man who we just met and hes an attorney in Fort Worth.if it would have just been me and my son they probably would have played it off as a joke.but since there were 4 of us giving the same description of the object.telling exactly what the object was doing.they new we were telling the truth.the next night we went back to the same location on the beach.we stayed out there until 5:00am in the morning with our wives to see if we would have another expierance,but nothing happened.i wanted to ask the clerk at the front office if anybody reported anything unusual the nite before,but thought she might think i was crazy or just making things up.the man we met at the hotel t! old us after that nite at the beach he called his family and t! old them what he'd seen. he even told us he didnt believe in "UFO's". but after that night if he would have not seen it with his own eyes he probably still wouldnt. but now he believes just like us.he said he has proof because there were 3 other people besides him me,my son, and my son in law.