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Occurred : 9/1/2011 21:47 (Entered as : 09/01/11 21:47)
Reported: 9/1/2011 8:45:56 PM 20:45
Posted: 10/10/2011
Location: Ovid, NY
Shape: Light
Duration:5 minutes
it stopped and much quicker began to go the opposite direction suddenly plummeted toward the ground shot back up to where it was before

I am a teacher. I saw a cigar shaped ufo while on a hike with my children 20 years ago and have been watching the sky ever since.

I once reported a ufo event witnessed by myself and strangers who all stopped our cars on a highway to watch what was going on. I called the police and was directed to call the airforce and they took my information. This event was about ten years ago. My son and I were returning videos in the next town and driving home. We saw a very bright green flash of light like a sudden explosion lasting about 15 seconds (or something hitting the atmosphere like a meteor, there was a loud boom). I stopped the vehicle and pulled over. I was concerned that there was some type of chemical explosion as there are old military facilities close by, and I was relatively new to the area. An elderly gentleman in a Lincoln Town car pulled over and asked if we saw "that". We watched the sky as it glowed green along the horizon for a while and faded. Soon a helicopter flew over and shined a very bright light on to us as we just watched. It quickly went away. The only other interesting par! t was three dim yellowish lights appeared in the direction behind us (over Ithaca, NY). They just sat there high above the city about the same width apart (many miles apart) not moving (arranged in a straight line, not a triangle or other popularly reported shape) until they slowly just became smaller and blinked out...gone. So we went home where I called the police.

Tonight, my dog was growling at a skunk or something so I looked out the screen door. I saw one of the many bright points of light in the sky begin to move. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me as it was subtle at first. I thought maybe it was a satelite as we see them move regularly. However, this one was different. It was very very far away so I could only see a point of light. It was above the lake in the direction of Cortland, NY. I decided to report it as it's movements were clearly different than the usual. It moved very slowly (almost undetectable if you weren't staring at it closely) in the direction toward Ithaca, NY. Then, and here is where I became interested, it stopped and much quicker began to go the opposite direction (the direction it had just come from). It did not turn, loop or stray from the line it had been in, it simply went backwards. It did this for a short time to about the same place it had started (or as I had noticed it) and sudde! nly plummeted toward the ground so quickly that it blurred with a streak. My logical brain said oh, see, it was a meteor until it stopped suddenly and shot back up to where it was before. My logical brain does not think meteors do that. I watched it for a very few minutes (maybe 7 all total). It moved around slowly now toward Seneca Falls, NY. It made an interesting loop like it was going back toward Ithaca but continued the loop back toward Seneca Falls and I lost sight of it from the trees.

I saw an almost identical event as the one I just described several years ago as I was out on my lawn watching the fireworks over the lake. At that time, the point of light was larger and moved impossibly fast zipping around this way and that until it flew away straight up and away.

This is not a popular topic among sane normal everyday working people. So, I appreciate the opportunity to share this information. Thank you