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Occurred : 9/3/2011 21:55 (Entered as : 090311 21:55)
Reported: 9/7/2011 9:36:58 PM 21:36
Posted: 10/10/2011
Location: Lethbridge (Canada), AB
Shape: Circle
Duration:5-8 seconds
5 glowing objects seen while watching an outdoor movie

We were watching the movie the park at Galt Gardens on the corner of 5 Street South, and 3 Avenue South. I happened to look up and saw about 5 red glowing objects moving at a high rate of speed across the sky (from north to south). They looked like glowing circles, but only the outside edge was glowing, the centers were black. There were half was across the sky when I noticed them, and were gone in not much more than 5 seconds. Size, speed and altitude are impossible to tell, being dark and the object being in the sky. It did cross the sky very quickly but didn’t make a sound.

I pointed them out to my wife, who was sitting next to me. We both thought there were about 5 objects. At first they seemed to be flying in a v shaped formation but by the time my wife saw them they weren’t. She described the movement like a bunch of balloons twisting around each other. They were traveling what seemed to be straight across the sky.

I would have yelled to everyone to look, but by the time I realized I didn’t know what I was looking at, they were gone.