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Occurred : 9/20/1966 19:00 (Entered as : 9/20/66 19:00)
Reported: 9/8/2011 7:37:45 AM 07:37
Posted: 10/10/2011
Location: Granby, CT
Shape: Unknown
Duration:not sure
My Name Is ((name deleted)), As far as I could remember I have wanted to tell my story so when I called the HOT line I was so excited that someone would listen to my story and it is a story that I think the world should know. I was only six or seven years old when I awoke in my livingroom as bits and pieces come to mind I fiind I have been through a lot more than I ever thought I could imagine in this whole wide world. Its been a very hard thing to explain something so unusualle to the world but this actually happened to me. I awake in the Morning hours and saw a Alien in my house next to the chair that mY father sat in and remember it very clear as it was a grey creature and as I remember more and more I remember it taking me out of my own bed and then it took my sister and she says she was given a chip in the leg. I do not know what they did to me but bits and pieces are now coming to mind in my head as I lay at night and wonder what happened to me. I do not remember these things but I remember my fam! ily telling me I used to wake up at night and scream I love you MOMMY I love YOU Daddy at the top of my lungs and they remember being helpless as to why I was doing that I still to this day do not remember any of this. But I remember seeing that creature in my home and it took my oldest sister and myself for what reasons I can not explain. I was only six or seven years old when this happened as we lived on 20 acres of land it was like this all around are area no homes nothing but land. This has haunted me through out my whole life and I have been scared that they are taking me again and again and do NOT know what or when or what reason for any of this. I only wish I could speak to someone about what happened to me and why? It is unusualle and Why a Child is beyond my belief as to what reason something like this would happen to a little girl. But it did.. It did happen and If you do NOT believe me you could as my own sister.. She remembers much more than I do but at this tim! e I do NOT know if she is even speaking about it but I have to! or I wo uld just go nuts thinking about this whole situation.. Why me.. Why a little girl. I have often thought about going to a hypnosis and find out more about what happened to me but it will not do me any good as I think in my mind to know what happened unless there was cause to be alarmed as to why this would happen to a young girl as bright and happy as I was when I was a child.. I do NOT remember screaming for my mother or my father.. I tried to scream when I was a kid for MY Mommy but The creature would not let me.. I know it was a female creature as she smiled at me as to say its ok before she disappeared into the morning. I have never opened up and told this story only to my family who thinks I am nothing but crazy only MY oldest sister doesnt think so for she remembers being takien as well but did not know I went with her.. I guess this will be something I have to live with since the Government doesnt care what happened or why or what this is all about and they think we ar! e nuts the people who have been taken.. I am one of them and I know for sure a child would not lie about something so tramatic that happened in her life.. I only wish I had someone to talk to about this as it is time to come out.. I am 53 years old now and things are coming to me all the time about this little girl that was taken and who knows what they did to me.. BUT today is the day to let the world know that children are also not safe and they too can be taken by these Aliens as I was.. I DO hope that someone would email me as I sure could use a support group of people who have been through what I have.. it is a thing I will not forget they were clammy and rubber feeling why I do NOT know.. I know nothing more than I remember as I was a child.. But this is the truth and nothing but the truth.. Thanks to all of you who actually care and who ever wants to know more please email me with who I am to talk to about something that happened to me in the 60's not sure of the dat! es just put down what I remembered as far as I could.. I was so young.

Thanks again for listening.. I do hope I get a email with a support group of people who have been through what I have.. Gerri