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Occurred : 9/4/2011 22:00 (Entered as : 9/4/11 22:00)
Reported: 9/10/2011 7:59:48 AM 07:59
Posted: 10/10/2011
Location: Ashford Hollow, NY
Shape: Other
Duration:30 seconds
i was at my parents cabin in ashford hollow ny for the holliday weekend. my kids were gonna meet me out there but didn't make it. so of the hundreds of times i've been there, this was the only time i was there by myself to witness something i swear i saw. there was a fireworks display about 10 miles north of where i was at. too far to really watch, but close enough to hear and see the flashes. about ten minutes after the grand finale i saw what i thought was a remnant of the show. only it was east rather than north. a different hill top all together. it was between trees at first, so i couldn't figure what it was i was seeing. then i saw it was coming straight over head. it was probably the same altitude as a jet might fly. it was shaped kind of like a derby hat is the best i can explain. green on top and red below. it sort of reminded me, in hindsight, as the colors of a jellyfish that are shown on tv. thats the closest discription i can give. i watched it ! through the trees and realized it was something i never had seen in my 54 years of life. it went from horizon to horizon within 20 seconds. i ran to the volley ball court to try and get a clearer view. and i did. no trees or clouds or any obstructions of any kind. i saw this thing clearly for at least 10 seconds before it went out of view behind me. i'm so shaken by what i know i saw. i've told nobody about this. i'm not a creep or nuts type guy. i've been scouring the web and news, but haven't seen or heard of any one that saw what i did. but i know what i saw.