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Occurred : 9/8/2011 20:30 (Entered as : 09/08/11 20:30)
Reported: 9/11/2011 12:32:02 PM 12:32
Posted: 10/10/2011
Location: Canton, MI
Shape: Triangle
Duration:5 min
Tringular craft with bright white lights on the corners in S. Canton.

While delivering pizza in the rain near Denton and Geddies roads, I spotted a triangular craft flying low, slow and silent, heading west toward Willow Run Airport The Triangle had bright white lights on the three corners and a reddish glow from the center of the bottom. I could make out most of the outline against the clouds and it was not shaped like any aircraft I have seen. I watched it as I drove into the neighborhood and as I pulled up to the house I was delivering to. I went to grab my iPod to take a picture but when I turned around it was gone.

I brought it up to some open minded friends of mine and one of them stated that they have seen similar objects around the same area on different dates.