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Occurred : 9/11/2011 21:30 (Entered as : 09/11/2011 21:30)
Reported: 9/13/2011 10:02:43 AM 10:02
Posted: 10/10/2011
Location: Canton, MI
Shape: Light
Duration:4 minutes
Canton, MI - Large - Brilliant - Orange/Amber Star-Like U.F.O.S - shrink and dim down / then disappear !!!

Canton, MI / 9-11-2011 - First two U.F.O.s seen @ between 9:30 - 9:40 p.m.

My 12 year old son and I were walking our dog around our neighborhood and when we almost reached the end of a court, I happened to look up into the south sky and noticed a very brilliant star-like light approaching( heading North ). It looked slightly smaller than a golf ball from where we were standing. I told my son to look at it. We were both stunned and we both started saying "Wow... what is that ?" "Oh... my god !" etc. I said, "That is definitely a U.F.O.!" and my son agreed, as we had never seen such a large orange/amber moving star-like object like this, in our lives ! It was coming toward us and I grabbed my son's arm and started backing up because it was very different, so I thought it could be dangerous. We both just stared at it as it seemed to hover in one spot for a while, and then it began to arc ( take a curved path ) toward the East. As we watched, it began to slowly shrink / dim out. It looked as though it was getting smaller and less bright until it was just a dot without any light at all... and then it vanished. We did not lose sight of it, it just disappeared ! Then my son yelled out that there was another one. I looked around and seen the exact same thing, in the exact same area that we seen the first one. Again... It was slightly smaller than a golf ball, extremely bright... brilliant. It looked like a huge orange/amber moving star, just like the first one did, and it also seemed to stop and hover, but this one moved slightly slower than the first one, but it did everything else the same. ( no blinking lights, did not blink, just brilliant ( flickering ? ) bright orange / amber light... like a huge star ). It started to arc toward the East, and then started shrinking / dimming... until it looked like a dot in the sky, without any light... and then it! was gone. Vanished !!! Just like the first one did. We waited to see if another one would appear, but did not see anything, so we ran home with our dog and told my husband what we had seen. He asked us to show him where we had seen it ( all the while making fun of us ), so we ( my husband, son, dog and I )went back outside, and my husband noticed a star-like ( slightly larger than a large star ) moving object, up in the sky, moving from West to East. When he pointed it out to me, I told him it was the same color, but much, much smaller( farther away ). My husband is a major skeptic ( engineer ), but he did take a picture with his cell phone camera ( yet to see the pic ). He also did make the remark that the color was unusual, and he did not believe it was an airplane or a helicopter. He also said he had never seen anything like it. I told him that what he was seeing was sooooo much smaller( farther away ), that it was not as shocking as the first two that my son! and I had witnessed. We ended up losing sight of this "far a! way" one , so my husband did not see it shrink / dim out and disappear, but at least he did see the orange / amber color of it. We then took him to the exact spot that the first two appeared at. We did not see them again.

This was a very strange sighting that my son and I will never forget !!! If there is anyone else in the Canton, MI area that has also witnessed this /these U.F.O.s, please feel free to contact me.