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Occurred : 9/14/2011 00:00 (Entered as : 09/14/2011 0:00)
Reported: 9/18/2011 4:52:32 PM 16:52
Posted: 10/10/2011
Location: Lodi, CA
Shape: Light
Duration:25 Minutes
UFO Sighting September 14, 2011.

On September 13, 2011, my twenty-five year old daughter came to visit me from the Bay Area to attend a wedding and the events prior to the wedding. She arrived around 8:00pm. Soon after her arrival my boyfriend went to bed, because he has to get up at 4:30 am for work.

My daughter and I stayed up chatting away about the latest news. I fixed her a dinner plate of fried chicken and real mash potatoes with gravy. As the evening went on my daughter got real tried and wanted to sleep. I on the other hand, I was wide-awake from the excitement of her visit and not ready to go to bed.

On or about 11:30pm my daughter insisted I go to sleep and stop talking. She had worked a full day at work and the train conductor gave her a bad time on the train about her bike. Since I live in a one-bedroom apartment and my boyfriend was already asleep in the bedroom and my daughter was trying to sleep on the couch in the living room I went outside on my front patio to wine down a bit.

The apartment complex where I live was real quite. The night air was clean smelling and a bit crisp and refreshing. I sat outside and my patio table with my little dog and cat.

The moon was almost full if not full and there was a bright star near the moon. Actually the moon and the star were the only two objects I saw in the sky. I did not see any other stars and admired that night.

As I sat at the patio table looking up I saw a bright round light come out from behind the moon and speed down fast toward the bright star in a matter of a few seconds (1 one thousand 2 one thousand and a half). This bright round light stopped exactly halfway between the moon and the star. It stayed there for about five minutes.

When it shot out from behind the moon to its position it was fast. I could not believe anything could move so fast. And when it stayed between the moon and the star for about five minutes I thought whatever it is, is surely trying to look like a star. I knew it was not a star; because, when I first looked up at the moon and star it was not there and secondly, I saw it move fast from behind the moon to its present position.

As I sat there I watched it for about five minutes. There was no way I was going to take my eyes off of it. I was amazed. I knew I was seeing an unexplained phenomenon, and it was amazing, and beyond understand. Still at the same time, I did understand what I was watching and knew there was nothing from earth that could move that fast. And just as all these thought race threw my thoughts and my eyes fixed on the object it moved fast again toward earth.

This time, like the first time it moved real fast toward the earth. In about two to three seconds it was close to the earth and went behind my building in the sky and I lost it.

I just sat there going W0W! I surely saw something-something. Who would believe me? Who could I tell? I didn’t want to wake anyone up, so I went about the evening focusing on my dog and cat that were sitting outside with me. A few minutes later I decided to look up at the moon and star again, because, despite what I just saw the moon and star were magnificent in themselves.

Then from behind my apartment building the bight round light speeded across the sky in a liner fashion. WOW, I thought here we go again. The bright light speeded across the sky as it had done before and stopped again. This time it was located under the moon closer to earth. And again it remained there for sometime, about three minutes. And again I thought it was trying to appear like a star. Just like the first time I knew it was not a star; because it was not there before and I saw it speed across the sky and stop at its present location.

My thoughts raced again for the second time. Again I thought that the bright light was doing a real good job as acting like a star but wasn’t. Its position in the sky seemed as though it was lining itself up to appear as a triangle. Anyone who just looked up would think it position was natural in nature. On or about this time, a neighbor exited his father’s apartment across the way real quite, since everyone was sleeping. It was at this time while the bight light was in stationed at its second location in the sky, that I quietly asked him to look at the sky to see what I see. He did and pointed. When I looked back up the light was still there and zipped across the sky in a liner fashion into the night mist beyond my vision. About the time my I asked the neighbor to look up at the sky to see what I see—my daughter complained about me making noise when I promised to be quiet so she could fall asleep. I felt bad for asking the neighbor to look up at the sky, because, I w! as doing my best to be quiet and to respect her and others who were sleeping.

Once the bright light/object in the sky was gone it did not come back. I waited for sometime and remained quiet while I did so.

On or about 12:36am I went into my apartment and changed out of my PJ’s into street clothes and went for a bike ride. I was more awake than ever and needed to somehow, someway get tired.

I road my bike to the Chevron and bought a beer, came home, and sat outside for an hour wishing the bright light in the sky would return. It never did and soon thereafter I went to bed.

The following morning I slept in from being up so late. When I turned on the local 11:00am news there was a story about a fireball seen the day before. Since I caught the tell end of the news story I yelled out “I’m not crazy”. My daughter said to me that she heard me ask the neighbor to look up at the sky.

When the noon news came on the watched the entire story about the “fireball” seen in Arizona at 7:45pm the day before. This event is not what I saw! There are many differences than similarities.

First and foremost, the bright light I saw happened between midnight and 12:15/20am. Second, there was absolutely no orange flame tail! The bright light round object that I saw moved fast in the sky then stopped for sometime, then moved again, the moved again, then stopped, and then zipped out of sight. Furthermore, the object I saw pretended to be a star when it stopped.

The above account of September 14, 2011, happened without a doubt and I am happy to report it in the hopes that others saw the same.

Moreover, about four days before I had a dream about aliens that I think is important to note here. I have since I could remember always noted my dreams and have done my best to remember them, and talk about them when I wake up.

About four day prior to the above event I had a dream about being at a huge library. I love books. While at this library I had to go to another floor to find a book. I went into an elevator to get to the other floor and ended up in floor to which I did not have access too. When I exited the elevator I knew I should not be there and searched for another to get off the floor. I found a man who was human, yet I knew he was an alien being. I explained my situation to him and he picked up a rock. With his eyes he wrote in the stone some crypt language how to get out of there. It looked like: ---?----- ------------------? ------------------ Because I didn’t understand his language, the alien/human look alike walked with me back to the elevator and placed the stone in the wall and the elevator took my back to the right floor of the library.

What was so awesome about this dream was, when I woke up I remembered it all. That is not always the case with all my dreams.

I have a friend and we chat daily—on that day, like I do most days I told her my dream and went about our day as usual.

After my sighting on September 14, 2011, I told my friend that the sighting and the dream are to close for comfort. I’m not spooked, but am informed, something out there is trying to contact me. I am fascinated but I don’t like it.

In writing down my accounts I hope that there is some explanation now or in the future. Unexplained knowledge today maybe helpful in the future.

I am telling you about the dream of aliens—not to minimize the event on September 14, 2011, but to give you accurate account of recent events, which may or may not be related.

0 Moon * Bright Round Light Object * Star _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 0 Moon * Star * Bright Round Light Object