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Occurred : 9/9/2011 22:00 (Entered as : 9/09/2011)
Reported: 9/21/2011 3:38:07 PM 15:38
Posted: 10/10/2011
Location: Chula Vista, CA
Shape: Light
Duration:8 min
3 bright lighted aircraft that was a shape of boomerang or somthing (green, white, and red)

On the evening of 9/9/2011 at 10:00 pm during the Blackout in San Diego County we my family were all sitting in our living room probably like most families with candles all over. We had no electricity through out the county what so ever. My wife and kids were on the lap tops. I was just sitting there with them but we had the radio on to see when we can here the electricity would come back on. At 10:00 pm I decided to go outside to see if any of the surrounding housing areas lights had come out. It was very hot as well. I walked in the middle of the culdisak and looked down the street into the valley. As I was looking I glanced up into the sky. I seen an object that was really bright. I mean real bright! It was green, white, and red bright lights all around it. It's shape was kind of a boomerang or something like that. The only thing though again it was real bright. As I kept looking at it it was not moving. After about 20 seconds of still looking at it I sai! d to myself that is a UFO. I then seen it move from one area where I will call point A to another point where I will call point B It would go back and forth for around 3 different times to point A and B. It would stop at each location. I say it was around 15,000 ft in the sky. I base that on because an airplane is around 30,000 ft. The movement to both points were not very fast it seemed like it was cruising. After 3 min or so I was still amazed. I then ran to my neighbors house accross the street and banged on his door to see if he can comeout and witness what I was looking at. His house was the only one with generator on. But he did not answer. The object was stil there just going back and forth. I then called a friend named Melinda to run outside of her house so she can see it. I called Melinda because she lived close by. But no Answer. I then called a friend of mine named Jarvis. He lives in South San Diego. He answered and I told him to run outside his house to see if ! he can see the object. He could not see it. I guess he was too! far sou th. After I got off the cell with him I then ran back into my house and yelled to my wife and kids to run outside.They ran outside and I told them to look into the sky. They all looked up and said what is that. I told them this is crazy but this is a UFO an Unidentified flying object! They looked at it and just kept looking at it. I was so excited of seeing it I do not remember how it left. I was tripping out! I will never forget how it looked. Bright green, white, and red lights all over. It was the size of maybe a 727. I also remember it took a dip into the valley and shot back up. Well after my kids and wife looked at it I then went to my front yard and called a few friends to tell them what I saw. They just were listening and asking me questions. After I got off the phone with them I then went back into the house and yelled not to loud but "I wish I would have recordeed that". Well little did I know my son recorded it with his I phone and my daughter with her cell phone.! The video you will see on is nothing you have ever saw or witnessed before. The beginning of the video is where I witnessed myself the most. You know looking right at the shape and everythng. When you go to and put in the search bar (UFO sighting 9/9/2011 during San Diego blackout) you will see my video.

((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))