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Occurred : 9/28/2011 21:00 (Entered as : 09/28/11 21:00)
Reported: 9/28/2011 11:18:26 PM 23:18
Posted: 10/10/2011
Location: Yachats (south of), OR
Shape: Other
Duration:5 minutes
Low-flying, arrow-shaped craft with unblinking white-yellow lights and one red blinking light

Two of us were sitting on the beach in a secluded area about 10 miles south of Yachats, Oregon. We had a small fire burning, and I was constantly looking up at the sky because it was completely clear and we could see many stars. Both of us believe in alien life, but I am especially interested in UFOlogy and was hoping I would see a "smoking gun" UFO while I looked at the sky. My companion is skeptical regarding UFOs.

After 45 minutes to an hour of looking up at the sky, I noticed some moving lights above and slightly to the north of us. I saw a series of between 5-8 white-yellow lights around most of the craft and a single, slowly blinking red light at the back of the craft. Not seeing any strobes or FAA navigation lights or recognizing it as an aircraft, we walked further out onto the beach to get a better look.

I would say the craft was about the size of a golf ball at arm's length, maybe slightly bigger. At first I assumed it was a commercial jet taking off, but there isn't an airport nearby, and the lighting on the craft was abnormal. I didn't hear any aircraft noise, but we were next to the waves, which were loud.

The craft looked arrow-shaped, with three white-yellow lights forming a triangle at the top, then at least one or two lights forming a narrower cylinder like a fuselage, and two more white-yellow lights extending like an arrow at the back of the craft. The blinking red light (the only observable blinking light on the craft) was centered between the two back white-yellow lights.

The craft flew overhead slightly toward the northwest, and looked like a stereotypical "flying saucer" with a row of lights when we viewed it from the side. As it flew further out to sea, it arced around to eventually travel southwest. I watched the blinking red light as it disappeared out of sight over the ocean southwest of us. It definitely appeared to be heading out to sea instead of along the coastline.

I don't consider this my "smoking gun" UFO because it didn't appear to defy any laws of physics as we know them, but my companion and I both agree that what we saw was abnormal. When we later went inside I checked the flight records for the nearest airport that supports aircraft of that size, but there was no flight path anywhere near us this evening.