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Occurred : 9/29/2011 05:00 (Entered as : 09/29/11 5:00)
Reported: 9/30/2011 11:50:47 AM 11:50
Posted: 10/10/2011
Location: Long Beach, CA
Shape: Changing
Duration:at least six minutes
Big, extremely bright, bluish-white, silent light that changed shape in the sky over the ocean in Long Beach, CA.

I saw something unusual in the sky while letting my dog out to urinate at 5:00 in the morning on September 29, 2011. I was the only person in my house to see it see it, but I am reporting it in hopes that maybe someone else saw it too and can corroborate what I saw. Because I was a bit afraid of what I saw, I did take a picture. I just rushed my dog back in the house, locked my door, and got back in to bed close to my spouse. In retrospect I wish I would have taken a picture so that I would have some proof of what I saw, but the thing really creeped me out and I did not want to even look at it again.

I live across the street from the beach. From my front yard, looking southwest, there was a big, bright light in the sky. The sky was very clear and the morning was very quiet. The light I saw is the brightest thing I have ever seen, except for the sun. It was so bright and seemed to be bluish-white in color. It was brighter than the moon. I don’t think that it was as bright as the sun because it did not hurt my eyes to look at it. It wasn’t a glowing light and it wasn’t blurry, just clear and bright white light. The light did not move and distance or make any noise at all. The shape of the light was like a vertically-oriented oval. At one point the light shifted from being an oval shape to being a crescent shape and then back again to an oval or round shape. It appeared to be very large in the sky. From the ground it did not look as big as the moon, but it looked way bigger than stars or planes look.

Because the light seems strange to me, I started trying to figure out what it was. I know that is was not the moon because it was too bright and didn’t have that glowing, reflective quality of the moon. It also did not have any of the man-on-the- moon shapes on it. It was just a solid bright light. I know it was not a helicopter because it did not make any noise or have to typical little lights that helicopters have. I know it was not a plane because it did not move or go anywhere. I know it was not a street light because the lights in my neighborhood are orange colored and this was much higher. I know it was not a meteor because it did not move. I know it was not a star because it was too big and because there is usually too much light pollution in Long Beach to really see starts clearly. I know it wasn’t a planet because it was too big. I also know that I was not dreaming this because I stayed awake after putting my dog out. I know it was not a blimp because it was vertic! ally oriented and did not move. I of course know it was not a bird because it was a bright light. I know it was not a flare because flares fall and leave a smoke trail that you can see in the dark. I know it was not a firework, because it did not fall of make noise. And I know it was not a spotlight or lighthouse light because it was far too bright. I know it was not from a boar because it was too high up in the sky. I know it was not a light on a tall building because there are not any tall buildings over the ocean.

Maybe this was a piece of the NASA space shuttle still falling down? I don't know.