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Occurred : 10/6/2011 17:45 (Entered as : 08/06/11 17:45)
Reported: 10/8/2011 2:39:32 PM 14:39
Posted: 10/10/2011
Location: Frederick, MD
Shape: Sphere
Duration:20-25 minutes
I saw a Golden Sphere hovering a couple miles out, possibly over Camp David

I had been out all day from 3 pm to around 5:30 pm taking pictures for my Digital Photography Class. I had been out with another one of my classmates by her house. The light was great, the sky was completely clear. I hadn't seen a cloud in days. After a while my dog looked really tired so I decided to go inside.

I left the field that we were in to walk down the hill to get to my house (the whole neighborhood is on a giant hill) and as I turned the corner I went to take a picture that would show the Rule of Thirds (you could see a couple miles out down by the Golden Mile) and I noticed a weird sphere to the left of the water tower right before I took the picture. I zoomed in and saw that it was a yellow, almost golden sphere.

I snapped 10 good photos of the object before I had to hurry in because my sister was cooking dinner and had gotten in over her head and needed my help A.S.A.P.

After I got in and helped her, I sat down and uploaded the pictures onto my computer. I was amazed because there were some lines to the bottom left of the sphere that I hadn't seen when I was looking at it in person.

They appear to maybe even be a series of small spheres floating a little ways from the craft. So close they look like a line.

The entire time I made my way down the hill I could see it. Sitting in the exact same spot.

I would really like to know if anyone else in the area saw it.

I can't really think of what it could have been. Some may say it was a planet, but if you could see a planet that well with the naked eye, then I would be scared that it was that close.

It was approximately North/North East. And appeared like it may even have been over Camp David.

Oh, and another thing is, I saw an unusual number of planes in the sky at the time, they weren't really near it, but there were more than usual.

(Just a side note that you can delete before posting this, I would like to be contacted by an investigator, but I would prefer to be contacted through email as I do not always have access to my phone because of school, work, etc.)

((NUFORC Note: We have looked at the series of photos, and the object appears consistent with a helium-filled weather balloon. However, the payload appears to be oriented horizontally, as opposed to vertically, which leaves us confused. PD))


I am really sorry to bother you, but as I was reading over my UFO Report I realized that I posted the wrong date. It was 10-06-11 not 8-6-11

I was wondering if you could update this information to make my report as accurate as possible.

Sorry for the inconvenience.