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Occurred : 10/15/1966 22:00 (Entered as : 1965-1967 22:00)
Reported: 10/9/2011 11:37:20 AM 11:37
Posted: 10/10/2011
Location: Fremont (Russian River), CA
First UFO sightings as a teenager in the 1960's: three events

My early UFO experiences: I believe I was 15, and that this was during the school year, in 1966 or 1967, on a weekend. I was living in Fremont, California, and my friends and I heard reports of UFOs leaving craters in the hills surrounding Fremont. We determined to go check them out, and took off for a drive. S had a license and a car, so D, N, and I, and perhaps one other who I can’t recall exactly, drove out to the boonies. D, my best guy friend, and N, my best girlfriend, have stayed in touch over the years, and have said to one another on several occasions, "That really happened, didn’t it?"

We climbed up into the open hills, broke through some trees, and came to a large open field, with no sign of houses or buildings anywhere. In those days we even had dark skies in Fremont. There was a small hill about 20 acres away. On top of it were 2 large, very bright white lights. S was kind of the freaky type, and immediately turned the car around to escape. But we convinced him to stop, so we could check this out, and we all got out of the car to look, standing at the back of it. We were pondering reasonable explanations, when one of the lights suddenly floated straight up a short distance and stopped. Then the second light floated up next to it, and as it arrived at that level, the first light started coming rapidly straight at us, followed right away by the second.

D and I were rather frozen. N actually raised her arms and said, "I want to go with them." starting to walk forward. S totally freaked and started running toward the driver’s seat. He was well known for erratic behavior and ditching people at the side of the road. I do think there was another person who ran to the car also. D and I had to grab N and drag her back to the revving car, S barely able to restrain himself. We zoomed back off the way we had come, towards the trees. N was angry and disappointed. I recall looking out the back window and seeing them nearly on top of us as we entered the trees. The next thing I remember is all of us laughing wildly about how we had escaped them, especially S. I recall that we arrived home quite late, around 1:00 AM, and thinking that we must have gone farther out than we realized.

The following summer I was camping with the B family, who I spent most all I spent all my time with. They are a second family to me. We were at the American River, sitting on the bank. I spied a large, orange glowing light hovering over a hillside, and pointed it out to them. We watched the light slowly settle and disappear behind the trees. I was excited, but the parents quickly downplayed it, not wanting to scare the kids. We headed back up to bed shortly after.

I was alone in a small tent, and I have a strong association of the color orange, likely the color of a pup tent back then. I had just lay down, when I felt completely frozen, unable to move, like a great weight was upon me. Then I felt, what I’d only been able to describe in the words of my time for downloading, that my brain was a tape, and everything about me was on it, and it was being reeled out of my head. I tried to resist the process and was "“told" rather sternly, "Don’t try to resist, you know we can squash you like an ant." So I submitted, scared to death. It seems that throughout this I was surrounded by orange, perhaps light shining through the tent. It took about as long as stripping a reel to reel tape at a quick steady speed. Then it was over, the weight lifted, and I felt totally exhausted, drained. I explored my mind a great deal to be sure it was still intact. Then I fell asleep once reassured. Of course I told this story to others, but nobody really believe! d me, except perhaps D and N.

By the time school started, I was spending nearly all my time at B’s, hanging out and babysitting the kids after school. I had a dysfunctional home. They lived at the outskirts of suburbia, in the farmland down a long, straight, dark road that eventually got to the main highway and the shopping center. Beyond the shopping center was the entrance to the suburb I lived in.

Every night I rode my bike home by the same route, leaving at a time that would get me home by 10:00, curfew. I allowed a little extra time for distractions en route. I searched the sky a lot on the long, dark road. For about a week I started seeing odd vehicles resembling planes, but with a red, white, and bluish light that differed in color from the panes. They were silent. This was a well-traveled plane route, so there were many planes to compare with. Each night I would see one pass one way or the other, each time a little lower in the sky. I began to be afraid, as it appeared they were coming for me. People started thinking I was crazy when I told them about these sightings, and I made them uncomfortable. One night I convinced D to make the trip with me. He saw one, and they were getting lower now. But he quickly and angrily dismissed it when I said I wanted him with me when they came, I didn’t want to be alone. Then he finally started treating me like I was crazy.

One night, I made it past the dark road and through the shopping center, just entering the suburb, when I saw one again. The same lights, as low and as large as a 747 coming in for a landing, came gliding silently toward me, then stopped directly over my head. I had stopped my bike with my foot on the ground, and looked up, studying this thing. It was black. I could clearly discern a kite type shape, with rounded edges, perhaps more like a Vick’s cough drop. The white light, positioned forward of the other two, seemed very bright.

The next thing I knew, I was peddling as fast as I could, head down, not looking back, terrified. I was down the road a bit from where I’d stopped. I got home and immediately told my brother about it. He is a big autistic-genius-science geek who taught and teaches me all about the sky, as astronomy is his great obsession. He and my oldest brother had taken a picture of a flying saucer in daylight years before, so I assumed he would hear me on this. He got angry, told me I was crazy and started treating me so. I just shut my mouth for good after that. I just had to live with this on my own. I was afraid to even look up at the sky for many years. The oddest thing was, even though I had zoomed home, I arrived 40 minutes late. I was never late. In fact, I should have been early if anything. I checked the time on our clock. It was correct. I thought there might be a problem with the B’s clock that I always used, but checked it the next day. It was fine.

I have no idea what happened to me that night, only that it scared the wits out of me for a good long time. When I finally got brave enough to search the skies again, I had many more strange sightings, and continue to do so to this day.

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date of the sighting is approximate. PD))