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Occurred : 10/3/2011 04:00 (Entered as : 10/3/11 04:00)
Reported: 10/11/2011 1:15:45 PM 13:15
Posted: 10/19/2011
Location: Fullerton, CA
Shape: Flash
Duration:2 seconds
two, quick bright flashes of light.

First off I would like to thank this website for giving me the opportunity to share this bazaar story-thank you.

This event took place in my home in Orange County California, between 4:00 and 4:30 am. I was aloneisa in my room trying to fall asleep but was having a bit of trouble due to the fact that I work a night job, and its difficult for me to fall asleep before the sun comes up (this was my night off by the way) so I'm just laying on my bed, just staring at the ceiling. Now, my room is totally pitch dark because of these huge curtains that block out the sun during the day.

As I'm staring at the ceiling, I have this sudden "urge" to look to my left were my television is up against the wall. As I looked for about two maybe three seconds, I saw and heard two separate flashes of light along with two almost silent beeps simultaneously directly above my t.v. maybe about an inch or two above. the light was just pure light that's the only way I can explain it, no color, just white light.

The first thing I say to myself is "what's my cell phone doing over by my t.v? " When I got up to investigate I found nothing there. No cell phone, nothing electronic in that area at all. My television wasn't even plugged in at the time. I don't have much more to say about this other then I've thought out all possibilities and I just can't explain it. It wasn't frightening at all, I was more in awe, just fascinated by the event. I then took a walk around my neighborhood just to think things out but then returned home and fell the living room. That is all

Thank you very much for reading, and showing intrest. This is my first experience like this by the way. I'm just an average 22 year old who works and goes to school like most young men my age. I grew up here in Orange County California my whole life and I've never seen anything like this. Thank you!